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  1. I have attached some average numbers from the session Incase that offers any more clarity. I would say not hitting low on face. Mid height middle to heel side.
  2. I actually was on trackman yesterday and I was also surprised it said up 2-3 degees. So confused. Missing on the heel side if anything but not extremely badly.
  3. If my driver spin is 3000-3500, how much distance am I losing? Should I get refit? Or is that close enough? I feel like 2000-2300 is where you want to be? 114 speed current driver is titleist 915 d2 8.5 Diamana white x flex
  4. I like to have a bump and run shot that feels like the effort travels the same distance as my putter, so I would play around around and select by that. For me my 45 degree pw set wedge is also too hot. I use a vokey 50 which is too slow if anything. Been toying with the idea of a vokey 46 for pw
  5. I can’t pick a putting mat. Some have alignment aids and are thin. Some allow for break but have no aids. thinking maybe the birdieball (thanks mgs) one and a chalk line
  6. What is a years worth of balls? I think I could launch a number number into the woods and surrounding streets in a year.
  7. Titleist915 D, 3w both Diamana white xflex shafts sim DHY3 same shaft mizuno jpx850 forged with KBS tour 130x vokey 50f08,54m08, 58k12 with kbs tour130x scotty newport2 with a super stroke tour 2.0 prov1
  8. Diamana white Xflex 70g bwcause the fitter picked it but because I need help smoothing out
  9. Hi from Connecticut. I am a 17.1 because I change my swing constantly. It’s a flaw. I guess I am the Bryson type, which is why I love MGS. I like to properly fit the numbers, I like to know which equipment is best for me despite all the hype or marketing Golf is about getting out there with friends and having time away from the stresses of life. And beer. I am also competitive against my friends and with myself I enjoy both aspects. I am a rarity in that I care more about the quality of a swing and good contact and improving more than result. I’d rather miss a green pin high with a good strike than get lucky bounce
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