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  1. I really hope that this year everything will work out. really looking forward to the new season. If all goes well with Covid 19, then we are sure to have the best season. After all, both players and fans want to start the season.
  2. An amazing story, no wonder how you came to a calm sport like golf after such a turbulent past in the sport. I thought you could write a memoir about your past. And what, I would read with interest an essay or even a book on how to become a super athlete.
  3. I really like his short story called Hills Like White Elephants. It tells the story of a woman's difficult story, her relationship with a man who does not love her. I recommend hills like white elephants to read you will definitely think and look at our lives differently. I was also strongly hooked by the heroine's phrase "what is missed, will never return" - it was felt that she dropped her hands and she had no strength left to fight for herself.
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