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  1. Random question, I have been fitted for drivers and fairway woods and always find myself frustrated because the driver profile and size is too big and I get in my head that it makes it easier for me to miss. Thought about going down to a strong 3 or 2 wood and was curious if anyone has any recommendations or same frustrations And what they did. thanks for any help!
  2. Maybe gently worn shoes are not hot on the market… I’ll let them go for $60. Thanks for all the looks!
  3. For sale Cuater Moneymaker shoes Size 13 Worn two rounds like new condition Retail for 160 but Open to reasonable offers!!!!!
  4. Good Afternoon, I am currently using a smoke black 6.5 in 60 grams and am not experiencing the best dispersion. When I hitting the driver in the store, the fitter also suggested trying a 70g in stiff (tensei) and that the stiff shaft would not make my misses so extreme. I always thought more stiff would eliminate the extreme misses so I am a little lost. I am hoping to gain a little bit of the control back. I have a 105-110 ish swing speed. Any suggestions on what to try would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!
  5. I have a general question about swing training that hopefully people out there can answer. I feel like I suffer from generating too much club speed with my arms/shoulders and not enough with the legs and core (ball flight is low and left usually off the tee). I am looking for a swing trainer/program that will help me with refocusing that speed into the legs/core. Has anyone else had this problem and found something helpful to them? Thank you!!!
  6. Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum and had a question in regards to fitness programs. I am in the process of getting ready for the golf season (losing some #, gaining some muscle and flexibility/mobility) and was curious if anyone had a program/app/etc recommendation. With so much out there I was just curious what people have used and found beneficial thanks!
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