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  1. Looks like my comment that you're quoting somehow got hacked. Weird.
  2. Great win, but I'll tell you who's really doing the sweating and pacing... Scott Frost!
  3. And spraining your ankle, which greatly reduces your mobility, isn't making it any easier!
  4. Driver, 5-SW: PXG 3W, 2-hybrid, 3-hybrid: Cleveland LW: Edison Putter: Sub 70 Balls: Too many list
  5. Yeah, those L.A.B. putters look amazing, but there's no way I could justify dropping $450+ for a new putter. This setup I just got cost me about $200 and it's working great for me so I'm happy. Hope you find the right flat stick for yourself without breaking the bank!
  6. Very good points you've made about equipment. However, sometimes spending some money on new equipment can pay off. I was recently struggling mightily with the flat stick and felt it was time for a change. I took a chance going with something radically different and without the benefit being able to try it out first-hand. I had been using a 38" Yes! Sara Mid for quite a few years (it was also something I took a chance on buying through eBay) and decided to buy a 35" Sub 70 Sycamore 003 Mallet putter with a Kotahi grip. This unique grip intrigued me because it's designed to take the hands out of the stroke (definitely a problem with me). The putter I bought was face-balanced which I believed would help me keep better control the face angle at impact. And finally, I was confident that the shorter length would put my hands a bit closer to where the ball is which should also make it easier for me to control (even though I'm quite tall, I've adjusted my stance to compensate). Anyway, this experiment of mine has proven to be huge success. My putting confidence is so much greater than it was a few months ago and those 5-6 footers are becoming nearly automatic as opposed to the knee-knockers they were before.
  7. OK, I think I'll make Tobacco Road my first choice. Thanks to everyone for their helpful feedback. It's an opportunity to check one off the bucket list. Will most likely be playing sometime Aug. 3-5 so if anyone's in the area who might be interested in hooking up for a round, please let me know!
  8. Oh wait, I just took a look at their website and see that it's a fully private club so I guess I'd need a hook up to get on there. Any idea what the guest rates look like?
  9. My buddy lives in Suwanee which is also northeast so I may suggest to him that we try that one as it sounds like a fun one. Thanks!
  10. I will likely be passing through Atlanta next month and will try to get in a round somewhere there. Which direction from downtown Atlanta is it located?
  11. Clear Creek Golf Club in Houston (Pearland), TX is probably the closest thing to a home course for me: https://www.clearcreekgolfclub.com/. Nothing especially remarkable about the course. Kinda linksy and generally fairly wide open off the tee, but most of the trouble comes in as you get closer to the greens. They tend to do a good job of keeping it maintained (although this year has been a struggle with the greens), they have one of the better practice facilities in the area, and the prices are quite reasonable. A solid value course.
  12. Wow, fantastic! I had the pleasure of playing Royal New Kent more than a decade ago and to this day it's probably the most fun course I've ever played. Mike Strantz was an awesome course designer who wasn't afraid to push the envelope. Hoping to play one of his other gems, Tobacco Road, in a couple of weeks when I travel to NC.
  13. Hey all. I'll be coming to North Carolina the first week of August and will have my clubs with me. Would love to play a nice course in the Sandhills/Pinehurst area, and particularly interested in good bang-for-the-buck options. Tobacco Road is one of my bucket list courses, but I know it has a reputation of being exceptionally difficult. I'm a 10-12 handicap player, BTW.
  14. I just ordered the Sub70 003 Mallet with the double bend shaft and having a Kotahi grip installed. Taking a gamble with all of this, but I'm optimistic that it will be a good setup for me. BTW, the customer service at Sub70 is top notch, a real pleasure to work with them!
  15. Just checked out their website and this looks like a promising option. Will keep you posted if I decide to buy something from them.
  16. I've been struggling with the flat stick for awhile so beginning to explore some ideas. I'm intrigued by the face-balanced concept, but wondering what's available on the market with a heavier than average head. I tested out a couple of the Cleveland Huntington Beach models which have heads weighing in at 365g, but they didn't feel as heavy as I'd like. That's probably because I've been using the Yes! Sara 12 Mid for probably 10 years and the head on it comes in at just over 400g. Speaking of which, my Yes! putter is counterbalanced which is another characteristic that I like so I'm also curious whether there are any putters that are both face-balanced and counterbalanced. I see no reason why those two attributes would be mutually exclusive. Thanks in advance for your input!
  17. I've been using the Sara 12 Mid for at least 10 years. Always liked the overall weighting and feel. But have really been struggling with it lately and starting to consider some alternatives.
  18. I've been wearing adidas Tech Response for about a year now. They're budget-priced (about $65), but honestly they're just not very comfortable. I don't want to spend a ton on better golf shoes, but having something that's comfortable seems like a basic, minimum requirement. I welcome any recommendations.
  19. I got fitted for some PXG 0211 irons last August. I think they're great clubs, but I think they got my lie angle wrong. I'm over 6'4" and they had me at 1 degree FLAT; all of my previous fittings have had me at least 2 degrees UP. So I recently had them bent to 1 degree UP, which was as far as they could go due to them being cast heads. Anyway, I remember speaking with a rep on the phone who coordinated my fitting appointment. I had assumed that he was located out west (PXG is headquartered in Arizona), but then about two weeks ago I was at the range and the guy hitting balls next to me was wearing a PXG jacket. I struck up a conversation with him and discovered he was the territorial rep who I spoke with over the phone months ago! He lives in the same Houston suburb as me; what a crazy coincidence!
  20. Oh man, Ireland is my dream golf destination and has been on my bucket list for at least a decade. Hopefully I can finally make this happen in the next few years while I'm still physically able to swing a club! Please report back on your trip after the fact!
  21. That's good to hear! I just ordered one today, a 59 degree, also 2 degrees upright, 1-1/4" longer and with stiff shaft. I've had a useless 1 iron taking up space in my bag so I figured I could definitely get more use out of a lob wedge. I'll report back with my thoughts after I've had some time to put into action.
  22. Coming in a bit late to this party. Is it too late to join in? I've played in quite a few fantasy events for the major championships, but never a weekly season-long league. Sounds like fun.
  23. That's exactly what my buddy surmised. However, you can't hear anything rattling around inside if you merely shake the clubhead. It's only when slapping it on the ground that I can hear the vibration. In any case, I've not yet seen any evidence that it's hampering my performance. I really like the club.
  24. OK, I did try a search before making this post, but didn't see anything come up. I'll look again.
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