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  1. Sam 24

    Ping G725 Irons

    Any update on this. The 710 looks quite bad after some use Ping launch the 725 irons soon
  2. Sam 24

    Ping G725 Irons

    Looks like the 710 is not available easily. Is the 725 launch around the corner? Ping make it silver ditch the black (In fact ditch black face on all your clubs) Titanium 425 face and d18 tungsten weight with a ultra light shaft will make it unbeatable.
  3. Looks like PXG has got into this segment
  4. Sam 24

    Ping G725 Irons

    Any update on ping 725
  5. If titleist don't launch this Ping 720 when launched will likely to be the winner in this segment.
  6. Any update on the Launch of titleist t400 2022 Irons? These are the best irons for hign handicapers. The biggest market. They unfortunately launched the current model during the Pandemic. A titanium ATI 425 face and D18 tungsten weight will be awesome.
  7. T400, is Titlist first iron in the super game improvement category. Titlist cannot expect, high sales in their first foray into this segment. The super game improvement segment is the largest segment of golfers and hopefully more players will realize, they need super game improvement equipment like these. Therefore making the super game improvement the largest market segment in Golf.....This segment is currently underserved. The Cobra F Speed is more accurate. The Ping P710 is a great iron (mistake they made was to make it black). If Titlist brings out a more accurate and much better T400 they will take this market by storm.... ( TSI 400 !!??) They need to put a lot of effort into this segment and if they get it right it will be their biggest selling segment.
  8. Hi is there any news on a titlist T400 successor? If so when will it hit the market?
  9. Is the Ping G725 already being tested ?
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