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  1. Hi all, I recently dented the toe of my SIM Max driver. While I can’t say it’s affected performance, I think it’s changed the sound of the driver massively and I can’t stand hitting it anymore. Does anyone think this realistically could change the sound or is it all in my head? *See pictures Thanks!
  2. Don’t have the numbers on me. I will say, my good drives are always high on the face - much straighter, less spin, and kinda just fall out of the sky. I feel like when I hit it in the center, it kind of rises when it gets to the apex.
  3. Hi all - I have a general fitting question for everyone out there. I was fit into a Sim Max, but I have a driver swing speed of 115-117 mph. I wasn’t fit into this because of the forgiveness level, it was because I wasn’t generating enough spin. I have a hard time believing that at my speed (not a brag) that I’d have trouble generating spin. I feel like I’m leaving some distance on the table with the Sim Max as it’s the higher spinning option. As I get onto the course now, I feel like I’m spinning this driver too much and wish I would’ve gone with the Sim, but I also don’t
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