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  1. Honestly, I think you feel a softer club head when hitting a firmer shaft and a dense thin grip. Not sure that is true but that’s what the experience I was referencing.
  2. Shaft and grip have to have an impact on feel too right? I hit Modus 120s for flighting however I definitely noticed a difference bigger difference in feel when hitting dynamic gold.
  3. Very interesting topic. I am a 12. I have 50, 56, 60 in my bag. I play public and private. So 56 is 14 bounce and 60 is 8 bounce. It has worked really well for me. However I find as I am getting better opening the face… the 60 is used less and less. What’s the strategy difference between those that carry a 52or54&58 vs 56&60?
  4. I have the mizuno JPX forged 921s with 120S shafts. I have enjoyed them but I get an inconsistent trajectory with my 6-7 iron and tend to get a very high launch from 8-gap. Separately, the 120S generally feel heavy. Iron swing speed is 89-92 mph. I just bought the 105X and am hoping to get more consistent ball flight from 6-9. More to come.
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