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  1. Definitely. We have a pro golfer here in Quebec who recently made a vlog with some friends at Le Mirage golf club (rich private place) and in an off-the-cuff WITB, said "My friend here is poor so he's playing King Cobra". It was obviously a joke but at the same time reinforces the fact that some people care what brand they're playing with. There's definitely a stigma with "cheap" clubs and I think as amateurs it's important to get over that because yes, you're gonna get compliments with Miura blades in your bag but your handicap will suffer greatly.
  2. As a huge fan of Cobra/Puma aesthetics, oh my. Those look gorgeous! Looking forward to trying them out, especially the Agera & Stingray-40.
  3. New to the forums but that's a cool way to get people moving and interacting with each other very generous of Cobra too! Looking forward to reading more about it.
  4. I really appreciate everyone's response, wasn't expecting such a turnout but it seems to be a touchy subject! To be fair, I am not expecting a fitting to lower my score instantly but more to make sure the only thing I have to worry about is my technique and not my equipment. If it instantly helps in ways of better contact and less dispersion that's just an added bonus. Eventually, my goal isn't to play competitively but at least to score in the 80s.
  5. Hey golf aficionados! I've searched the ends of the earth and found so much conflicting information that I'm making this thread in hopes of having a clear path of what I should do next to improve my golf game. A little background: I woke up one morning 3 years ago and decided to pick up golfing with my SO. I walked into a Golf Town and bought a set of Cobra King F7 clubs that was on the floor (bag, driver, 3-wood, hybrid and 5-PW) in senior flex. I then basically self-taught myself with various YouTube videos (cue laugh track). Specifics about my game: Couldn't hit drive
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