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  1. I had a retinal detachment around 7 years ago and it really messed up my putting. The retinal has since been repaired, but my dominant eye was lessened to about 90%. Several things helped. 1) Rhythm is important (Staying Alive...) 2) i read a book "7 Days in Utopia". In that book they talk about a lagging drill of tossing washers into an orange can. That drill can be applied to your distance control. Imaging you are rolling the ball into the hole under-handed. It works for me. 3) look into the concept of "Vector Putting. Essentially it means figuring the high spot within 3 feet o
  2. Changing to a steel shaft with change the flex feel and possibly the swing weight. You major issue will be a change in kick point. Since steel shafts lack the flexibility of graphite, a change to steel might negate any gain in launch angle. Find a golf repair with a swing weight scale and use the following gauge. A quarter is about 3 grams of weight. By placing a quarter on the head or grip, you can estimate changes to your swing weight. A heavier swing weight will make the head feel heavier. Most golfers have difficulty in telling 5 swing weight variation. Good Luck on your advent
  3. I am a retired club fitter/builder and would like to see how Cobra has improved its product.
  4. After watching the 2019 golf ball fitting YouTube, I picked up the Kirkland 3-piece at Costco and spun balanced all two dozen. I have tried spin balance and floating balls in epsom salt solution and spin balancing seems to work easier for me. I let you know how it goes.
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