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  1. My friends and I love betting games. It is kind of bad, but that's another story. Still, we make bets on http://lambo2btc.com/litecoincasino. Whoever loses their bet needs to pay the bill next time we go out. The main rules are: 1. You can't bet on the same bet as others. 2. Everyone screenshots once the bet is done. 3. The bill shouldn't be more than 1000$. It's pretty simple and we've been playing this game for a while. Whoever refuses to pay the bill is ignored for like a month lol. I have lost only once and it was the worst time. It was before de 1000$ rule and my friends ordered food worth 5000$. My bank account cried after that transaction lmao.
  2. The odds represent the probability that something will happen in the match. As higher are the odds, as higher will be the winnings. It is easier to learn how it really works when you start to bet. The odds are calculated automatically by the bookmaker companies, they have special people that calculate them when the bets are in. So the odds can be changed after you put your bet. So this means that you can win less or even bigger amount of money. Usually, this kind of change in the odds is not so big, because they always remain at the same level. _____________________ www.americanodds.com/nfl/nfl-computer-picks
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