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  1. That is true, maybe one of the reasons, why I tried (apparently unsuccessfully) my luck on the forum - to see if this one has some potential among the golf-players. But to answer your question: This app (Golf Scorecard) is mainly a scorecard. Apart from the golf course details and players handicaps which you have to set up, it gives you an overview of extra strokes for specific golf course and holes, compares extra strokes with your golf partners. You can track shots, putts, fairways and you receive information about greens in regulation. Points of basic matches are also calculated. In statistics you have round summary and Score differential – handicap you played.
  2. You are right, but just "my daddy made an app and I want you to try it" sounded to me weirder than "I discovered an app" for a post. And yes, I never said that I came here for anything else - it was just to offer an app that is for free and which I believe is good.
  3. Good call!! You are soo correct! I did write it there! Good catch, at least I can see you are reading it!
  4. I understand that, but this app does not cost a thing It is absolutely for free More description than that it is a scorecard? I just assume, as a golfer-beginner, that ithat is a good explanation of what it is And I am not saying it is better than anything - not trying to compare or anything. It is just there, if anyone WANT to try it. I am not forcing anyone to sign up anywhere, give money to anyone or anything else. But thank you for that feedback, it is very appreciated for future!
  5. Awwww, so I cannot attract people to this app based on the way I look? Now I am very sad, I was really betting on my looks to get the attention for the app!!
  6. And it is a correct assumption. There are promotions of apps for money, and people do not have a problem with it because it is from "reliable" person. I do have an interest that is "beyond" since it is an app that my dad made in his free time and I wanted to share it with other people
  7. @DaveP043 What I get from all this is, is just that people just do not trust anything anymore even if it is claimed new, in testing and for free. Honestly, I am no golfer, I play it just for fun + I am from the Czech Republic and never played anywhere but here with my dad. I just came here to help him. My dad is a golfer who loves to play and was missing an app for scorecard that he can use, so he created one. I just thought that place like this, where people share opinions, apps, ideas and recommendations WOULD be a good place to give this app some attention and maybe find some golfers (as I did on some facebook pages) who would like to try it and give us any feedback. What I do not understand is that if you are not interested in the topic, or in this app or this post or me, why do you have the need to give it a "hmmm" button? Nevermind, I tried, and will try somewhere else, where the people would like to TRY something new and good and would not "bother" you so much with my no-participation in topics that I have no idea about... Have a great day and thank you again for welcoming me here!
  8. Not really sure, what to think about "hmmm" button from @STUDque and @tony@CIC? Do you have any problem with this?
  9. Hello, I wanted to let you know, there was a bug that "testers" reported, that the app was not running properly. It was hopefully fixed. NOTE: Please feel free to download it and TRY IT OUT - it would be highly appreciated! It is a good but new app!
  10. Thank you for welcoming me and I understand the "skepticism". I just do not understand why one cannot promote something if it works for him. It is a new app and I do want to help it to spread among the golfers that could use and enjoy this app, that is all I do not have "anything out of it" myself, just that these forums are a good way to recommend something
  11. Self-serving? It is a good application and it is for FREE, what is wrong with it?
  12. Hello everyone, there is this very new and very free app with scorecard. It is very easy to use - add player(s), set the golf course and voila you can easily have a scorecard in your android phone. I can recommend it!! And yes, it may be biased since my dad made it - for his personal use but maybe there are other people who would like to try it and who would enjoy it! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mm.golfsc
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