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  1. I recently switched to player distance too, had G425 and switch to I525, still waiting for the winter to go away here in canada to try them. If you plan to keep those for a long time, then a DTC brand might be a good choice, cheaper, very good quality in general, might not be as good as some of the major OEM but they are very close, for half the price in general..if you want resale value, generally Bigger OEM tend to keep more value, Ping and mizuno being generally having the most resale value from what i've seen. P790 were a little on the low spin side when I tested them (didnt like the feel either) so if you don't hit that high, you might want to avoid. I also consider getting the PXG 0211 for a teenager, he need new club out from his kids club and probbaly reaching for either ladies or senior flex. At 99$ a pop, hard to beat that price especially if you dont need a full set from 4 to GW(need to buy 5 club for the 99$ price). Sub70 offering is also hard to beat price wise
  2. New PXG ball New titleist line up Bridgestone New ERC from callaway Vice Other DTC ball that actually have inventory I would also really like 1 NON urethane ball from company big brand company like taylormade, titleist, callaway, bridgestone, In a way I want you to waste time testing the balls that Tony says NOT to use. I really want to see the difference this year so I can put those numbers in front of some of my friends.
  3. I plan to try this too, In theory it should fit me well, in reality, you never know. Still need to find a place where I can try ventus velocore shaft in Canada, might have to drive to toronto to get a fit at txg unless they open in ottawa (im from montreal) If not might hit myrtle beach during easter time and will find a spot to get fit for it. Hope it deliver everything you hope for
  4. I've seen and used a similar drill. In mine you can miss the hole but cannot go over more than 2 feet, put a club 2 feet pass the hole and if you touch it you are dead and restart. Also You cannot miss short. if you do you restart also... I'm still on the practice Green from my first session from last year... I do it with 1 feet in between ball, sometimes with 5 to 10 balls in a row. Basically it help you cut your 3 putt by controlling your distance.
  5. I didn't hit the G430 yet but most video and stats out there at the moment shows a small increase in ball speed, on MGS test. G425 max ball speed average was : 140.86 G430 max ball speed average was : 142.20 G425 LST ball speed average was : not in the test from this year. G430 LST ball speed average was : 143.20 Around 1-2% increase in ball speed for the 430 vs the 425. MOST other video I saw out there everyone had a ball speed increase around 1-3% (2% increase for people around 95-110 mph swing speed) over that speed increase was a little higher...) It's not much but with better sound ( and I don't really care about sound BUT people tend to look you funny after a drive sometimes ) Only drawback I've seen is a little less forgiving (hard to quantifies ) and for some people it spin a little bit more, again in the range of a 0.5 to 1% increased spin. Also ping changed some of their shaft option this year so it might be worth a test if you use their default shaft. I know I will give them a try soon enough
  6. Nice to hear, Ping customer service seems even better than what I heard. Club Champion business model are fitting you, building your club, selling you that specific spec at top $ to increase their benefits. Everybody heard bad story from that place (and others). I think it depend on the fitter also. I've seen a few people getting fit into weird shaft brand that we don't hear everyday and sometimes we wonder is it to increase their profit margin or was it the best option for you... Si I'm not really surprised that you got that answer. What I don't understand is why they didnt take your 50-90$ for one of the easiest fitting out there. They have 3 head possible, You wont probably fit into the LST so it will take like 3-5min to figure out the head probably. You will probably fit into 3 possible shaft also, the RDX smoke Red either 50 or 60g or the standard alta CB so in the end probably gonna be a 30 min fitting that if everything goes well, if not 40 min and you will have to take a decision. I can foresee having to decide on the head between a max in draw setting or the SFT. Shaft will produce different result depending on the head. the Smoke red 50g is probably the nearest to your alta distanza, the ALta CB are very similar form one year to the other and the snoke red 60g is worth a try for sure, and as usual all 3 shaft are good. Golftech will show you nice graphic I heard to show you your optimal launch condition. Also if you don't trust the fitter, know your numbers before going in there. One fitter tried to sell me a driver with under 2000 spin because I was hitting hit "good". If you are not sure about your optimal launch condition, a few website will give you some info on those. here is the link on the ping website. https://ping.com/en-us/blogs/proving-grounds/optimal-launch-and-spin I will probably go get fit for a driver AGAIN this year (im in canada) so my option are either TXG 6hours away, club champions when I go back to the states or Golftech near my place. I simply want a new driver with probably a ventus on it OR any other aftermarket shaft from a known brand. But ping changed their shaft this year so gonna give it a try again with stock shaft but for me if its not the best, its not good so gonna cost me a arm and a leg...
  7. I've hit the the Ping G SFT and the G400 SFT from other people I know, Both felt similar to me, bought a G410 SFT in 2021 and I've hit also the G425 SFT in the bay that year. I dont remember the shaft they had on the ping G but it was probably the standard alta shaft cause it was blue, the G400 it was also the ALta, swing weight was higher on the ping G and G400 than G410 or G425 from what I remember. The shaft on the G410 / G425 was the standard ALta CB Stiff flex. I also found that the Ping G was less draw Bias for me when I was hitting it. Not entirely sure if it was the head, the swing weight or the shaft honestly. I think they improved their head with more weight in the heel but I ended up selling the G410 SFT at the end of the year and got a G425 Max, My swing changed a lot over the time and I dont really need a Draw bias driver. One of my friend is using a MAx with weight in the heel, the SFT make him always 10 yards off center, the Max is much more stable for him as he hit most of the time the center line. I'd open the face to the maximum with the setting avalaible for you on the G425. P.S. The Ping G SFT always felt better when I was hitting it than the G410 SFT but the G410 corrected my slice completely to a point that after 3 month playing the driver was unplayable due to my swing correction. I finished the season with Max loft to open the club face and I had to open the club face with my grip to be able to hit something rather straight. I sometimes still hit the ping G from my friend's kid at the driving range and I draw around 5-10 yards with it, G410 SFT was more around 10-15 yards. Good luck finding a solution
  8. From I've gathered from video and personnal testing etc... the Stealth woods are extremely long from what I've seen, low launch + low spin for a lot of players. I've hit both the G425 3 wood and the stealth one and for me stealth had a good 10 yard farther but they were low bullet compared to a more higher trajectory for the g425. I ended up with the G425 and still not sure if it was the right decision for me. I'd check if you are still consistent with both out there. If you are, numbers are numbers and they generally don't lie, if you're gapping is weird in between your 3 wood and hybrid/irons, I'd swap one of the 2 wood, probably the 410 lst for another stealth and it should be back to normal.
  9. Came back to golf 2 years ago , had similar problem at start, was slicing mostly so fitter put me 2 upright, halfway trough first season, was ALWAYS hooking, after the season, went back to get reajusted I was standard lie (ping did it for free) only cost me shipping, played all year without any left right trouble, my swing changed again and my shaft felt a little out of control as my swing improved. I bough I525 (mainly for the feel) with a different shaft. SO in basically 2 years when with 3 major change on my irons. HOPEfully I will be good for a few years...
  10. Not the first time I see someone with a very stiff shaft able to hit the ball better with a more consistent strike location on the face. Even us(some friend), often try that with friend's/wife/kids that don't want to invest money into a driver, we have them play a rebar for them which tend to help, although they generally lose swing speed, they gain more ball speed with strike location so more distance and it also diminish their slice. Ball is still not straight in from of them but at least it its straight with face open.
  11. Similar advice, missing some data but you don't hit the ball high enough in the air, if you can't hit dead center on the face, it's better to hit high/toe on the face than low and heel. Reducing spin could just be your angle of attack, which would also give you more height so more distance. You could gain probably an easy 20 yards with a slight change of angle of attack and more center strike.
  12. As other stated, you will see when you try it. For me, heavier shaft lower my swing speed for the exact same swing. Heavier shaft allow me to be more aggressive, increase my tempo which can also increase swing speed. If I swing with a slow tempo, 60g goes way better, if I swing with a fast tempo, heavier shaft goes better. I'm just more consistent with lighter shaft in general. As for my friend its the opposite. As soon as he play a heavier shaft, his drive become extremely consistent vs the 60g.
  13. Ping produce very good equipment but most company does honestly... Wood technology don't change much also over the years. I got a g425 3 wood this year (actually went all ping G425 in the end except wedges, not because I wanted, because they gave me best result) and I tried a few other 3 wood out there, head seems a bit more forgiving than older version Ping G30 (2015) or other brand that I tried but not enough to justify for some people the extra $ for the newest one. Always fun to find used club in good shape, especially if the price is low. Most store tend to sell used club at a very high price since the pandemic... My best deal this year, ping G425 Hybrid 4 demo with a ping tour regular shaft at 150$, this thing goes extremely well.
  14. Standard set is 5 to UW, UW at standard loft is 50, 5 is 24 degree, if you want to go with 4 to PW, 4 will be 21 and pw 45 degree. Power spec 4 iron is 19.5 which is really low for most players. the PW is 44 degree, power spec 5 iron is 22.5 degree. retro loft are 2 degree weaker on the scoring club and 4 iron is 23 degree. A guy I know would go power spec, it's important to hit his 5 farther then yours, it boost his ego, can't hold green but hey who cares he swing farther than you! Personally I will probably get them sooner than later and I am undecided around standard loft or retro loft. if I go retro loft would go 4 to PW, standard loft would be 5 to UW. If you didn't hit them yet, go get fit, for me the iron were lower spinning than my G425 and god knows I need more spin... Gained speed and distance at the cost of ball spin, height was quite similar, descent angle was "ok" to hold green like the fitter said but it wasn't "ok" for me. ( I had 15 min left in the fitting bay after a friend fitting so I tried those with my current shaft, didn't try other shaft possibilities) so If you don't want to change your other club in your bag to have a consistent gap in between them, it's pretty much a guess at this point, you could compare with your current gamer at a fitting and make an educated guess but it might cost you another wedge or hybrid / wood if yours are not adjustable. A good fitter will probably tell you right away what option to go for when you decide to take them.
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