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  1. Not the first time I see someone with a very stiff shaft able to hit the ball better with a more consistent strike location on the face. Even us(some friend), often try that with friend's/wife/kids that don't want to invest money into a driver, we have them play a rebar for them which tend to help, although they generally lose swing speed, they gain more ball speed with strike location so more distance and it also diminish their slice. Ball is still not straight in from of them but at least it its straight with face open.
  2. Similar advice, missing some data but you don't hit the ball high enough in the air, if you can't hit dead center on the face, it's better to hit high/toe on the face than low and heel. Reducing spin could just be your angle of attack, which would also give you more height so more distance. You could gain probably an easy 20 yards with a slight change of angle of attack and more center strike.
  3. As other stated, you will see when you try it. For me, heavier shaft lower my swing speed for the exact same swing. Heavier shaft allow me to be more aggressive, increase my tempo which can also increase swing speed. If I swing with a slow tempo, 60g goes way better, if I swing with a fast tempo, heavier shaft goes better. I'm just more consistent with lighter shaft in general. As for my friend its the opposite. As soon as he play a heavier shaft, his drive become extremely consistent vs the 60g.
  4. Ping produce very good equipment but most company does honestly... Wood technology don't change much also over the years. I got a g425 3 wood this year (actually went all ping G425 in the end except wedges, not because I wanted, because they gave me best result) and I tried a few other 3 wood out there, head seems a bit more forgiving than older version Ping G30 (2015) or other brand that I tried but not enough to justify for some people the extra $ for the newest one. Always fun to find used club in good shape, especially if the price is low. Most store tend to sell used club at a very high price since the pandemic... My best deal this year, ping G425 Hybrid 4 demo with a ping tour regular shaft at 150$, this thing goes extremely well.
  5. Standard set is 5 to UW, UW at standard loft is 50, 5 is 24 degree, if you want to go with 4 to PW, 4 will be 21 and pw 45 degree. Power spec 4 iron is 19.5 which is really low for most players. the PW is 44 degree, power spec 5 iron is 22.5 degree. retro loft are 2 degree weaker on the scoring club and 4 iron is 23 degree. A guy I know would go power spec, it's important to hit his 5 farther then yours, it boost his ego, can't hold green but hey who cares he swing farther than you! Personally I will probably get them sooner than later and I am undecided around standard loft or retro loft. if I go retro loft would go 4 to PW, standard loft would be 5 to UW. If you didn't hit them yet, go get fit, for me the iron were lower spinning than my G425 and god knows I need more spin... Gained speed and distance at the cost of ball spin, height was quite similar, descent angle was "ok" to hold green like the fitter said but it wasn't "ok" for me. ( I had 15 min left in the fitting bay after a friend fitting so I tried those with my current shaft, didn't try other shaft possibilities) so If you don't want to change your other club in your bag to have a consistent gap in between them, it's pretty much a guess at this point, you could compare with your current gamer at a fitting and make an educated guess but it might cost you another wedge or hybrid / wood if yours are not adjustable. A good fitter will probably tell you right away what option to go for when you decide to take them.
  6. Well the way DJ.s bene playing lately, I think it was the safe move for him and his career to move to LIV league, more money, less competition, less pressure, back to be the center of attention for a little while... Schedule less crowded also it seems for now. Hopefully that league will move the PGA people in a different direction... The ban is a joke actually, most players are already at the end of their career, instead of trying to get them back, they ban them. No, the PGA can't compete money wise with that league but not all player did really make the move for the money, many of them were probably tired of the old guard at the pga
  7. It could, would it be the best fitting out there, probably not, will it be better than off the rack stuff? without a doubt. Both companies have only have a few driver out there with a few shaft. If you can rush it and be stable when you hit, it could be very fast honestly. Ping have G425 max, LS and SFT, if you are straight, LS and max will be chosen, if you spin too much the max they will give you the LS. As for shaft, Alta for high launch, tensei orange for mid launch, rogue white if you prefer heavier shaft.. ping tour for low launch, that's pretty much how it went for a friend of mine when he tried it... It took around 15 min or so to be dialed in for the driver, the fitter took the last 45 min to sell him a full set of irons! He went out with new irons and not the driver... Irons can be fast too, if you pretty much know which one you want then it's pretty much finding the right shaft with them. Again for ping, Game improvement iron are the G425, I525 are the player distance irons and the I59 are the blade... ping have most standard shaft out there that can fit pretty much every kind of players... High launch, modus pro 105, TT elevate ,dynamic gold 105, mid launch is the ping awt 2.0, dynamic gold 120, kbs tour low launch is the dynamic gold Of course that's baseline, not everyone react the same way to a different shaft but those information will be used by the fitter to dial you in quickly. if you hit steady, will be fast, if you have a lots of mishit or hit all over the place, the guy might struggle a little more as for callaway they offer pretty much the same line up with different name and shaft but can't really help you out with the new line up from this year since I didn't really look into them cause they have yellow on them...(rogue Lineup) the apex are supposed to be VERY good irons if you are in the player's distance category If you are in the game improvement category I would strongly advise you to spend some time with ping as they tend to be more forgiving... the Driver is a beast to not lose ball (why it finished first in the forgivness department at MGS), their irons are ranked among the most forgiving out there. if you are in the player's distance Iron, I would for sure give a try to those apex from callaway, as for their driver, they are always good, you wouldnt go wrong with one of those... P.S. I pretty much all have G425 in my bag Selling point for my irons are that they could adjust the lie back at ping for 2 years, you just pay shipping cost... they also have a good resale value. Was 2 upright after 15 years not playing golf, now im back into standard lie. This year I tried for 3 hours all the driver out there... Longest one for me was the TSi3 from titleist, but I still took the Ping g425 max because of forgiveness. ( my miss with the ping are 15 yard from the center line normally as my miss with the titleist was a 30 yard slice) The ping LS was a little too low spin for me and was actually losing distance on 1/3rd of the shot with it. Cobra was actually surprisingly good, Callaway was ok, nothing good, nothing bad, the taylormade stealth was the longest one when I could actually hit it correctly which didnt happend very often.
  8. To my knowledge from what i've learned lately concerning drivers and adjustable clubs. Callaway or other adjustable hosel with D setting... Draw setting on those hosel will make the club UPRIGHT which means you will generally draw the ball more. Increasing loft on your driver will also close a little bit the club face. Moving weight in the Heel will increase your draw. You need to experiment what work best for you and your game... It can be some weird combo that make no sense but it work for you, or simply it could be standard everywhere. if it's Draw setting with weight in the toe that work for you, then it is, it would make no sense for most people but for you it work...
  9. I am planning on switching to graphite on my next set, not sure when. I have G425 with TT elevate 95 (stiff). Those shaft produce less pain on my left elbow than other heavier shaft when I miss hit the ball. Next step is graphite even if I am under 45 years old. Will get my swing back to more consistency and go try them in the hitting bay with taylormade stealth I think.
  10. thanks for the info on the ventus red, think im gonna give them a try eventually
  11. It's impossible for a fitter not to be BIAS. Some get discount, trip, free clubs from OEM. Also they have information about some OEM that you don't, like customer service, delay, error in the order for their customers. Some OEM offer 1 or 2 no upcharge shaft, others offer 5-6 different shaft, in the end they will tell you it's "X" head with "Y" shaft that seems the best. But "Y" head is almost as good today as the "X" head. If you go back tomorrow, maybe "Y" head with "X" shaft will be better. Then it come down to WHAT you want. I know that I need high launch High spin shaft. Every fitter will see it after 5 shot in the bay, they all gonna offer me Game improvement irons with high launch shaft... Which brand the fitter will offer me first... There is the Bias I think. He will go with what he fitted the most similar player to me before...
  12. Been playing with them, I see bad , ok and good comment all over the place, for me it's been a very good experience so far... I got Ping G425 irons last year with arccos grip, bough the g425 driver and g425 3 wood this year too, got 5 wood cobra with the arccos grip too, my wedges got the free sensor I got with my ping purchase from last year, my putter have the putter sensor. On my wedges, sensor are screwed in and I taped them with electric tape, 0 trouble with loose sensor or anything. I also play with my phone in my front pocket. The good: No more scorecard, could have been a watch, another apps on the phone or anything else but for me its the best thing for sure. I play my game, finish my hole, add or adjust the number of putt after the hole, thats it, nothing else to do. You can even take mulligan from the same spot, won't record more than one shot. Shot tracking up to the putter is almost flawless, I get around 1% of non recorded shot for the whole year. It work with light so if you take your club out when it's getting darker at the end of a day, leave the sensor close to your body, might not record the shot otherwise 0 trouble... having trouble recording shot with a specific club? just clean the sensor, most of the time it will solve the problem. Gps have accurate data, it's not a range finder but will do the job just like any other gps out there. Arccos caddie is usefull for some player... Club average distance after a few game are quite accurate. It will discard abnormal distance for your average. Tells you your tendencies, what to work on etc... Last year it told me I was 66% RIGHT, got fitted again, and now im only 33% RIGHT so far this year... It also tells me I suck at putting, politely... The Bad: annual fee... Putting stroke are hard to rely on, need to constantly adjust my number of putt at the end of a hole. Can't search a ball in the woods/hazard with your club, will often add a shot. (You need to take your club out of the bag and cover the sensor with your hand for it not to record any stroke. (Could have been in the good category since you can't search for other player lost ball anymore...) annual fee... Honestly, it's worth a try if you like technology and stats... Golf if the most conservative sport in the world, those type of sensor are gonna be standard in a few year, just like graphite shaft will eventually replace steel in all the irons. Younger generation are starting golf now and thing will change... hopefully price will drop on those grips and annual fees...
  13. Normally 90 mph is regular flex as a baseline when you start looking for shaft BUT he can easily fit in lighter stiff shaft. Golf should have a standard for new players so they can understand what shaft they are getting.
  14. 3 Hybrid aren't the most demo club, people always try drivers then 3 wood. I'd say a very good buy
  15. Well, everybody want to save money, people who don't know about golf will get fooled every time. You have the one that see a deal that's too good to past up. You have the one that know it's a fake and still buy it to look better than the next person but he don't understand that golf is a "rich" people sport so the next one might be a millionaire and don't care about your item. You got the one that got a gift and the person got ripped off, like the Scotty Cameron example. You got the one that bough used item on ebay, marketplace or other website and got ripped off. I mostly see the first type, too good to past up: We need to educate those people... #1 Retailers have a profit margin around 30% so any deal that would be more than that could be suspect. #2 OEM gives "gift" / rebate / bonus to people in the industry so those people will sometimes have a very good "legit" deal but will often not advertise them on the open market, will be more deals for their friends and family. In canada those are the latest deal i've seen from OEM. Mizuno lend full irons set to fitters for a year and you give it back after. Callaway gives COST and additional 30% rebate on their clubs for people working at certain golf club. Taylormade distributor are able to get their employee around 20% rebate of retail price. THere are tons of other deal but im not aware of them...
  16. I upgrade / change equipment if what I have doesnt fit me anymore, I had a g410 SFT(anti slice) but I was no longer slicing the ball so I needed a change, went for the most forgiving club during my fitting, was trying to hit poorly to see the numbers and ended up with a G425 max, 2 game in, already saved 20$ in ball not lost, distance is "ok", dispersion is "decent", forgiveness is at "max". In the last showdown between the last 2 drivers, it was a choice between 10 yards longer but my miss would go hard left (25yards and more) or 10 yards shorter but my miss would stay within 20 yard of the center line.. I took the safest bet, might upgrade the shaft eventually if it doesn't perform as expected during the season.
  17. It took me around 300 balls myself to get reajusted with lighter shaft. PLayed heavier stiff shaft from wilson staff set then got fitted for elevate 95 stiff, At first felt weird, now seems natural. When I sent my ping g425 to change the lie at ping at the beginning of the season, went back to my wilson staff and coudlnt never adjust back to heavier shaft... I am already considering graphite shaft for the future and probably, the VERY NEAR future. Less pain when I hit the ball, lighter means more club head speed generally. Also, I dont hit the ball that high so graphite shaft give generally more spin and height P.S. I'm under 45 years old, swing driver at around 102 mph.
  18. First, I am no expert but I read a lot about the subject. I was a 100+ player 10-12 years ago... did not have time or money to be a good golf player, didnt have the knowledge either... So decided to get back to it this year so I have been spending lots of time reading, watching video, checking equipement etc... You need to understand that I have a very mathematical approach to sport... There is no way I'm gonna struggle in golf because I dont have the right equipement...This is what I have gathered over the last few month... OPTIMAL Launch angle change with swing speed. You can check on internet for various article, chart regarding that. Basically the faster you swing the lower launch angle you want. Slower swing speed want more angle. Pga players around 10- 12, average joe around 14 and slower player can be good up to 16... I think attack angle matter for you to be as close as possible to your optimal launch angle. Of course there are other variable to it like spin, dispersion... If your swing is consistent, swing over 100 mph then you are close to the optimal launch angle. If you swing slower than that I'd say that you can play with your driver loft to increase it to get a little more distance or lower a little more your back shoulder compared to the front one in your driving stance
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