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  1. Bags and i59s sold. Blueprint 4i and Miura irons still available. I'm happy to sell the heads and shafts of the Miuras separately. Open to offers!
  2. No trades please. Will ship heads and clubs by USPS or UPS Ground. Would prefer to sell bags locally in DC/N. Virginia area, but will discuss shipping with potential buyer. ****For any item below, buyer also gets their choice of any of the wedges shown in the black Stitch bag.**** 1. Ping i59 heads, red dot (1 degree flat), standard lofts, 6-PW. Used only one round. $SOLD shipped (that's about half the price of buying them new) 2. Stitch SL2 bag. Great bag, barely used. Very few marks on it. $SOLD 3. Stitch SL1 bag (plus wedge). All zippers and pockets work well. A few minor scuffs and marks upon close inspection. Comes with rain cover (slightly stained). Legs work great. For asking price of $120, buyer gets one of the wedges shown. $SOLD 4. Ping Blueprint 4i, black dot, has some bag chatter but has been hit very few times, Project X LS 6.0 120 shaft, Taylor Made Tour Velvet 360 standard grip in good shape. $130 5. Callaway UT X Forged CF 18 30 degree, Nippon Modus Tour 105S shaft, Lamkin UTX midsize grip with little wear. Has some marks but in really good shape. $SOLD 6. Miura CB-501 irons 4-PW; True Temper Dynalite XP R300 shafts, new Golf Pride Tour Wrap grips std size-- $SOLD - L/L/L believed to be standard Miura; club shown with tape measure is 4i - browning on 5i and a little on 6i, 7i, 8i; the rest are free of browning - slight ding on sole of 6i that does not affect play - shafts and shaft bands are in great shape - I'm happy to sell heads and shafts separately
  3. I buy and sell lots of clubs. The range I go to often orders clubs for people and they leave the boxes the clubs came in next to the range for recycling. They have no problem with me taking a box whenever I need one. So as others have said, ask around at golf shops and ranges that do fittings and sell clubs. When I don't hav any boxes, I look out for boxes that people leave on the curb for recycling on trash collection day. Or I go to my city's recycling drop off locations and find boxes that are perfect for golf clubs or ones that are larger and cut them down to size. If you play around on the shipping cost calculators online, you'll see that if you send clubs across the US in a box that is a few inches longer than it needs to be or a couple of inches too wide, you might spend $20-$30 extra in shipping. It's important to send them in the smallest box possible. But still pack it well with bubble wrap or newspaper.
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  5. I have i210 6-U good condition but in blue dot. (close but not green)
  6. Thanks for the message. I originally took a photo of the faces, but somehow I failed to upload it. I have added it to the end of pics of the blades. Please let me know if you have other questions or if you want closeups. I'm happy to take any additional photos that a buyer may want.
  7. Two great sets of Wilson irons for sale. No trades please. Please ask if you have any questions. Thanks! 1. Wilson Staff Model CBs, 4-PW -- $SOLD OBO shipped Shafts are KBS C Taper Lite 110 stiff 1/2 inch short of Wilson std, which makes them only 1/4 inch short of regular standard. See photo with tape measure for length; clubs shown in photo are 5 iron and 8 iron. Loft and lie are standard. Grips are Golf Pride Z Grip cord standard with one extra wrap of tape. Apart from normal bag chatter that you see in pics, 8 iron has slight dent on badging on back of club As you can see from the photo, the faces are really clean. 2. Wilson Staff Model Blades, 4-PW $SOLD Shafts are KBS C Taper Lite 110 stiff (no shaft bands except for 4 iron) Shafts are 1/4 inch short of Wilson std, which makes them standard for most companies. See photo with tape measure for length; clubs shown in photo are 5 iron and 8 iron Lofts are standard and lie is 1 degree flat The "WWS" stamp was on them from first owner. Grips are Golf Pride Z Grip cord midsize. Normal bag chatter as shown in pics. The face on the 8 iron shown in the pic with the tape measure is the most worn. Otherwise, the faces are really clean, which I hope you can see from the other pic of the faces. 3. Ping Heppler Piper Armlock Putter -- $SOLD Ping Heppler Piper Armlock Putter 41.5 inches Right handed Head cover included
  8. Looking for a used set of Titleist MB irons. Can be older ones like 690s or 710-716. Ideally would only buy 5-PW or 5-9 but I'm interested in hearing about whatever you may want to sell. Heads or shafted. If they're in really bad shape, I may buy them if the price is right and have them refurbished. Thanks.
  9. Shipping included to CONUS. Add $7 for west of Mississippi. Willing to consider offers but no low balls. Paypal only. No trades please. Thanks. 1. 2020 TaylorMade p770 4-PW, TT Elevate Tour stiff shafts, NDMC midsize grips, standard loft and length, 1.5 degrees upright, photo is of 4i with tape measure. Very few rounds and only some range sessions in these. Shafts are 117 grams and .355 tip diameter according to True Temper. Mid-high launch. $825 2. Recoil F4 stiff shaft, professionally pulled from a Srixon ZX 3 utility, Lamkin Crossline midsize grip, barely used. $SOLD
  10. Callaway central here . . . Happy to offer deals for multiple purchases such as UTs or 5i to go with the Apex Pros. Shipping included. Not interested in trades. Thanks! Apex Pro '19 6-PW, Modus Tour 105s shafts, std length/loft, lie is about 1.5 degrees upright from "normal" and about 2 degrees up from Callaway std, like new Lamkin UTX midsize grips; 5i length is shown with tape measure -- $425 OBO X forged '18 5i head, very clean, same lie as Apex Pros, slight scratch to the right of the "5" (you can feel it with your finger) -- $50 OBO X Forged UT '18 24, 27, 30 degrees (equivalent to 4-6 irons)-- very slightly used, extremely clean clubs, std L/L/L, shafts on 27 and 30 are Modus Tour 105s to match Apex Pros, shaft on 24 is KBS Tour Hybrid Prototype 95x, 24 length is shown in photo with tape measure, lengths of others indicated by photo of grips -- $130 for the 24, $100 each for the 27 and 30, $315 for all three Epic Flash 3w. Shaft is Hzrdus Smoke 70g, 6.0 stiff. See photo for length, which I believe is standard. Grip is like new Lamkin UTX midsize. No head cover or wrench. -- $SOLD
  11. Just two items today. No trades please. Paypal only. Please add $5 for west of Mississippi. Will ship by Priority Mail or FedEx/USPS ground. Both items are packed up and ready to ship. Feel free to ask questions. Srixon Z745 irons, 5-AW. Shafts are XP 115 R300 in 5&6 and S300 in 7-PW. AW shaft is a Modus3 Tour 120S. 5-PW have like new Lamkin UTX midsize grips. AW has a recent Lamkin Crossline in midsize. Length shown in photo is of 5 iron. See lengths in close up photo of the grips together. New paint fill in the 5-PW. AW is 51 degrees. It has the black ferrule and black grip. Lofts and lie are believed to be standard. $SOLD Excellent condition Bettinardi Studio Stock 3 putter. No head cover. Grip is standard size cord. $SOLD
  12. I just bought one. Thanks.
  13. Looking for a utility iron in the 23 or 24 degree range. Prefer Callaway or Srixon. Prefer stiff shaft but not absolutely necessary. Thanks!
  14. I have a really nice Odyssey Stroke Lab double wide to sell with original headcover in great shape. Definitely reasonable pricing. Let me know if you want to see pics. 35 inches. It's a blade but wider than a typical blade.
  15. I have a really nice Odyssey Stroke Lab double wide to sell. 35 inches. Definitely reasonable pricing. Let me know if you want to see pics.
  16. The main difference I see here is that your 7i distance increased by 14 yards. Was that just based on quality of strikes in your small sample size?
  17. Yeah, I was interested to read after-the-fact that the Cinks had each day's strategy laid out the night before so had taken most of the strategic decision making out of play before getting to the first tee. Stewart just seems comfortable with that much information exchange. Some players would stop the caddy after just some basic info and say "I got it. I know what I'm going to do." But he seems to benefit from it, and, I suspect that he enjoys the back and forth because it's his son and he loves that his son is an integral part of their success.
  18. The amount of info shared between the Cinks before each shot was mind-numbing, and the announcers clearly thought so. It obviously works for them and that's all that matters as long as they're keeping pace, which I believe they were.
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