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  1. I've gone to CC twice (Santa Monica, CA). Once in 2018 as a 9 handicap. My experience was phenomenal and the club fitter was spot on. I went back in 2020 after getting down to a 2 handicap looking for something 'next level' as my game improved and my older clubs were ready for replacement...definitely not the same experience the 2nd time around. The 1st time the fitter seemed to know what he was doing and what tweaks were needed for the clubs to match my swing. The 2nd time around it seems like they are throwing sh!+ against the wall to see what sticks while using Trackman for confirmation. Bo
  2. I replaced mine with Leupold a few years back when the digital display began to fade/disappear. Because it was the GX2 they gave me 50% off the purchase of a new one. I think that was a worse case scenario considering what I am reading here.
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