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  1. Would love to compare this to my indoor Birdieball mat.
  2. I'm curious if where you are hearing this rumor or if others might be hearing it also? I'm about to order some i210s but would be very disappointed if they come out with a replacement in another 5-6 months.
  3. I'm hoping for some thoughts on new irons. I've done big box indoor fittings, also Ping and Callaway at my home club and tried the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer indoors. My driver swing speed with Trackman is 100mph as clocked during the Ping and Callaway fittings, I'm 66 years old and my index is 3.2 but I was an 8 a year ago. Due to my age fitters tend to want to put me into regular shafts or graphite. I already tried a set of TM 790s with C Taper Lite regular shafts and did not like them at all. I was not happy with the QC from TM and I returned them prior to the 90 day return for credit store policy. I am 1 or 2 degrees upright. I have back issues so I am wondering if it may be time to make the switch to graphite for that reason. The Shaft Optimizer results: C Taper Lite S, N.S. Pro Modus 105 X and SteelFiber 110 S and Project X LZ 5.5 115g was fourth (my old LZ 5.5s were 105g). I hit Ping i210s before the Shaft Optimizer with their AWT 2.0 S shaft and felt pretty good about them. I also hit the Apex 21 with the Steelfiber 110 S and liked the dispersion, not sure I liked the feel of the Apex 21. Indoors I also hit Mizuno Forged irons with Steelfiber 110 S and Project X 5.5 115g. Results of both were very good, but I tend to hit the ball very differently off grass versus a mat with Foresight. I really liked the Mizunos but have not hit them on grass. FInally, indoors I hit Mizunos with N.S. Pro Modus 105 S (not X) and the results were good with this shaft also. I am leaning toward the i210s because the i500s are no longer available. The Ping fitter did not really want me to get the power specs on the i210 but didn't say why (change in the bounce perhaps?). I am bit concerned about the standard lofts as they are a bit weaker than my old Callaway Rogue Pro irons (already gone), and wondering how people feel about decreasing the lofts. Also, I have two Ping Glide wedges with he AWT wedge shaft. Is it okay to have different shafts in my irons than my wedges or should I be trying to match them?
  4. I have a three week old Epic Speed with an Mitsubishi MMT shaft. The ferrule is not loose, per se, bit has separated from the head by about a quarter inch. I have a 90 day return for credit on the driver. Should I be worried about this on a graphite shaft and thus exchange it for another? I want to be fair to the retailer but don’t want to have to replace the shaft early. My last Epic cracked right across the face after about 2.5 years. Thanks for the help.
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