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  1. Thanks for sharing that there are a couple more priest out there. I played baseball and football for years, but needed to upgrade to sports where I won’t blow out my knees and can join my parishioners outside. So, golf and tennis have been the new hobbies of the pandemic.
  2. These are all recorded as carries on a Trackman at my local fitter. I have a pretty steep angle of attack, I believe. So, I think I’m more confident with my lower irons and less confident with longer irons. I’m going for a fitting tomorrow to look at hybrids vs fairway woods vts utility irons. The length of gaps have been difficult, but I think it needs a bit of practice and perhaps more consistent strikes.
  3. Hey y’all, I just picked up golfing during the pandemic this past November, 2020 and have been having a great time. I’ve trying to get the handicap down, and it’s hovering around a +10 currently. I’ve enjoyed getting outdoors, honing the craft of a new sport, and it’s been something fun to do since we’ve just moved to town this past Summer. I’ve really enjoyed the MyGolfSpy articles and reviews, and have been a bit of a review junkie as I’ve been building my bag. I enjoy the tech and science that goes into each club, ball, and even apparel. Thought I might join the forums! Home Course is Country Club of Jackson, Jackson, MS. Home of the Sanderson Farm Classic! I’m a parish priest in the diocese, whose found golf to be a great point of connection to many. Looking forward to meeting more Spies out there!
  4. Driver: Cobra Radspeed, 10.5°, HZRDUS Smoke Black Shaft 70g 6.0 Stiffness. Woods/Hybrids: None Irons: Callaway Mavrik (4-PW) Wedges: Cleveland RTX-4 (52°,56°,60°) Putter: Cleveland Huntington Beach #11 Ball: Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Track I have at least two clubs at the top of my bag, maybe three that I need to fill. Just began playing in November, 2020 (around 2-3 rounds per week). 110-115mph driver club head speed, and working at a loss whenever the distance to pin is 220+. Would love any suggestions for the remaining items for the bag. Thanks y’all. Here are my distances. Might have the lofts weakened to help with gaps. Driver- 300 carry 4 iron- 240(struggle w/ longer irons) 5 iron- 230(struggle w/ longer irons) 6 iron-220 7 iron-200 8 iron-180 9 iron-160 PW- 140 52- 120 56- used for everything in between 60- anything loft within 50
  5. William/Jackson-MS 115mph Cobra Radspeed HZRDUS Smoke Black-70 6.0 Flex Never played Nippon shafts
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