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  1. Is any one else having problems sending messages or updating their status? When I try to send a message it says that the other person can not receive messages. Also when I try to update my status it will post my status update 4 or more times?
  2. Looks like a winning bag to me. Forgive me if this has been asked and/or answered, but what is the My Golf Spy picture in the first picture?
  3. I have tried to buy from putterman but always got outbid. I have bought many clubs from ebay and my Nike irons on ebay. My uncle also bought some Callaways on ebay. We both sent a club to their department and they authenticated the clubs as legit with full warranties. But with ebay there is always this caveat: "Buyer Beware!". Just use your judgment.
  4. Received tracking number and the putter is on its way. I am as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning.
  5. For me it was always Friends and then location. As long as I am having a good time with my friends (and play decent golf) that will always make it memorable for me.
  6. Good looking putter! Love the finish.
  7. Congrats mudfish!!! I am entered and ready to be disappointed.
  8. Received and email from Ted at SeeMore and he has my specs and I can't wait to try out the new putter. Thanks to MSG and SeeMore!

    1. GolfSpy_X


      Glad to hear the good news Canasta. Really look forward to your review.

  9. I don't usually get lucky at thrift stores for clubs. The clubs are usually old, beat-up anchor weights. For some reason that day I decided to check out the clubs. I beat another guy to it too. He had a look of anger and disappointment. A day late and dollar short, that is what usually happens to me.
  10. At a local thrift store found a Ping 56 degree Tour wedge for $1.91 A little dirty but nothing a good cleaning will should take care of that.
  11. I received an email about the putter today and sent the rep my specs.
  12. I vote for towels, koozie. and hats.
  13. Thanks guys. I too noticed a lot of the diagrams and spent some time looking at the swings through the ages.
  14. I received the PGA Manual today. I did not know what to expect when I ordered the book, I though it was just another book with tips and such. WOW! Was I surprised. It is literally an instruction manual for people that are interested in teaching golf. I have just scanned it right now but there is a ton of info and it looks like some good info too. Thanks for the recommendation. Can't wait to receive my Ben Hogan books.
  15. I think they forgot to add "Winner Keeps" by my name. Can't wait to try out the putter. Also when will I receive the next participant's info?
  16. I was able to get Ben Hogan's Power Golf and Five Lessons for $7.95 and the PGA book for $7.99, both on ebay,
  17. I use a brush that has plastic bristles on one side and wire on the other. The range I frequent has buckets of water and brushes to aid in cleaning your irons.
  18. Right now I am a full time student studying Accounting. I was employed for 17 years by a major telecommunications company that decided to ship the jobs to Mexico and China. I was fortunate enough that the Government has picked up the tab for my education. Hopefully all will work out. Golf has definitely filled the void.
  19. Here is a link to a similar question that I had asked. A lot of good recommendations. Hope it helps. Golf books
  20. Looks great and looks like fun. Thanks for sharing. I did not check to see if you posted your rounds in the other section? But how did you shoot?
  21. Played Shale Creek in Medina, Ohio. this weekend and just absolutley stunk it up on the front 9. I decided to play from the gold tees (7026 yards). I lost about seven balls and hit from one side to the other. I shot a 57 on the front. If it was not for my putting and short game it would have been worse. On the back nine I did make up a lot of strokes, I shot a 42. I ended up with a 99. It was a real sruggle for me. I had to do a lot of "scrambling" just to shoot 42.
  22. I visited the local Half Price Book store and found "The Little Red Book" for $1.00. They did not have the PGA or the Ben Hogan book. But I will keep my eyes open for them at the shops and ebay. Amazon has them but I know I can find them cheaper. Thanks again for the recommendations.
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