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  1. ^ This. Yoga, stretching and diet are key to your overall health and flexibility. I'm 59 and completely changed my diet about five years ago. I don't eat sugar, eggs, dairy, fish, minimal meat (sometimes you have no choice) and zero processed foods. Plants only (70/20/10 Carbs/Protein/Fat). I know that sounds extreme (and goes against the incredibly extreme no carbs diets) but I went from only being able to play a maximum of every couple of days (because of joint pain and soreness) to being able to play every day if I choose. I credit almost all of that to a change in diet. There have b
  2. On the other side of this question I had ZERO pars on the back nine the other day (after making six pars on the front nine). I did hit four of nine greens and three putted them all. To my knowledge, I don't recall EVER a having a par free front or back nine except maybe when I was taking up the game as a kid which was 50 years ago. I hope I got that out of my system.
  3. I can remember certain shots over my lifetime (e.g., ace, a few memorable eagles and circus shots) and a few rounds (not every shot but more at the macro level). Mostly I remember some incredible shots that I hit perfectly and knew it the moment the ball left the clubface. I recall playing a practice round during college where I birdied five holes in a row, the longest putt about five feet and hit three flags on approach shots during the five hole birdie streak. I remember in high school playing a friendly match against another school, I fired an even par 72 after making an 11 on the first
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