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  1. I suppose, with golf being a staple of the Olympics, more people will get to know the sport and get a feel of the game. This will affect the “golf economy” greatly. As more parents start teaching their kids golf, the sport will grow in popularity and you will see all golf-related prices drop. While golf will still be more expensive due to more equipment being needed, but an increase in interest will lead to much lower prices. (https://sportsquotes.us/golf) Sometimes, people who want to play Golf cannot afford it. This is a very sad thing. Thus, Golf should be available to all.
  2. Yes. Even though I don't like walking as it is very tiring and time taking, still I try to walk as much as possible. A recent study shows a strong link between staying active and having a lower risk for cardiovascular disease. While we know that physical activity reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, exactly how much exercise a person should get and whether there is a limit to these benefits intrigued. (https://sportsquotes.us/golf) Hence, I suggest you guys should also walk as much as possible.
  3. I've been playing golf since for about 5 years now. I love golf because my dad used to play with me as a kid. I lived in California my whole life until I went for higher education in New York. My favorite golfer is Dustin Johnson. He once said, "It's just a game. I love it. And yeah, I get frustrated, but I try to not let it get me too upset. I mean, I don't get upset over bad shots or anything like that." I like his sporting approach to the game and how he handles frustration. PS: I got this quote from - https://sportsquotes.us/golf
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