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  1. You can see said shaft next to OEM shaft. It barely fit inside. Im getting a full refund so all has worked out. thanks all
  2. Thanks guys. Yeah, Im guessing it was a really poor aftermarket adapter. How he could not notice it or try to pass it off as okay really pisses me off and gives me zero confidence of sending it back to have fixed. Says no returns but we'll see what he says. Worst case I'll try and find someone local that can pull the adapter and I pray it can be saved with a quality adapter.
  3. had a shaft made for me off eBay (had postive reviews) and the adapter is crooked. As you can see in the pics the wall thickness isn't even. Can this be saved? I have reached out to the seller and have not heard back yet but I wanted to see if this is repairable. I have no experience with graphite, only have done some iron reshafting.
  4. Hello all, I'm going to try and convert my Bettinardi velcro head cover to magnet. For those that have done this can you advise me on magnets to purchase? The neodymium magnets I see on amazon I see many reports from reviews of them breaking easily and/or being extra strong. I plan to have the velcro removed and the magnets inserted. Im sure the leather between will dull but not sure what strength to look for? ( many advertise 18lbs pressure) Also see many reports of them breaking when being touched together. thanks for any insight!
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