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Testers Wanted! Callaway Ai Smoke Drivers & AutoFlex Dream 7 Driver Shafts ×


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  1. If I had to pick one it would be Rory. top 3: 1. Rory 2. Couples 3. Payne
  2. “The only good snake is a dead snake!”
  3. Curious if your home courses have a mascot or buddy that hangs around the course? Ours is a wild Shiba Inu that roams the course while you play. Will absolutely not let you get too close but likes to watch you hit balls. Id say its been there for almost 5 years.
  4. Mine are still in the bag as well. Sold the vokeys just so I couldnt be tempted.
  5. Would be cool to see. I know ill be watching for the chrome tour sightings. Want to know which model they use at augusta.
  6. NS Pro Modus 3 tour 120X. IMO they play in between a stiff and xstiff. Great for players who want some stability and feel.
  7. Still loving the bag on the course. Very underrated bag. Was hoping it would have been tested for most wanted.
  8. My highlight: I had a row of tall trees 25 yards in front of me blocking the green. Grabbed the 56 laid it open and swung hard as I could. Ball barely clears trees and sticks green for a 15 foot birdie look. The bad highlight: Double cross OB off the tee on a tight hole with OB left and right.
  9. Lets start a discussion about sharing your best and worst story/shot from your weekly league night. I will chime in every Wednesday.
  10. Congrats testers. I will be following along as I am a shaft junkie.
  11. Simple green ahhhh. can smell the refreshing scent right now lol
  12. That looks pretty cool. Will have to try it out. Honestly have had a ton and always gravitate to the cheap amazon ones because I tend to lose and break a ton. Most of the time they get snagged on something and snap off my bag.
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