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  1. Nice looking bag! My goal is to try to get on a launch monitor to see if the tsi3 is better than my radspeed. I love the tsi3 look!
  2. 1. Updated my speedzone woods to radspeeds 2. changed gapr utility to a cobra king utility and let me tell you its my hands down best golf purchase ive ever made. So fun and easy to hit straight and long! 3. My scotty was customized to black rainbow pvd with black pvd shaft. This is a real treat since ive been waiting for it to return home for 6 months. Pictures do not give this putter the justice! thanks for looking.
  3. Selling my cobra radspeed 3 wood with f3 stiff motore shaft and arccos sensor grip. Loft is 14.5 standard and can go up/down 1.5 degrees. Previous owner put a couple sky marks on the top but not too noticeable at address. Would sell head only for 150 plus shipping or $200 with shaft Paypal and can ship in US.
  4. My tattoo that is visible is my kids birthday in Roman numerals so when asked what it means people usually like the idea… or act like they like it.
  5. Good input. I edited the description to be more suited for your average to above average player. I agree beginners or high handicap players wouldn’t benefit too much is they are spraying it all over the place.
  6. Since I recently started to experiment with driver shafts I wanted to get some opinions. Do high end shafts make that big if a difference? Worth paying hundreds of dollars more? Good example: low spin/low launch- $100 hzrdus smoke black vs $300 ventus black Does the extra money actually make a stand out difference or is it just better by a little? lets say this question is for the above average player. 10 handicap or better Quite frankly im bored stuck in a hospital since last Wednesday with my sick kid(getting much better).
  7. Great tips and made me laugh hard
  8. Nice setup. I had a speedzone driver with hzrdus smoke black and loved it more than my current radspeed. How do you like that ventus in it?
  9. Sorry for the guessing but it was right about 159-160 if i recall but i need to get back to a simulator to verify. Nearest golf shop is a near 2 hour drive
  10. If you have other hobbies take a week or two to focus on them and come back to golf. For me it’s motocross and it helps a lot to flip flop so you dont stress out. This advise is only good if your not trying to go pro.
  11. I wish i was bombing it. Swing 112mph with 2800-3000rpm spin. Feel like im being robbed of some distance. Average driver is 260-275 yards
  12. Thanks I’ll work on getting a better video. I’ll upload a winter video !
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