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  1. 50 minutes ago, Shapotomous said:

    After a busy Thanksgiving weekend I got out this afternoon for some practice.  Lets just say the wind was angry!  Anyway I got some video of some 80 yard shots with the 53* from the green view with the assistance of SWMBO.  I thought it would give some idea of the bite and rollout.  I wish it had been a little warmer than the 42* with that wind.  I hit about 10 shots and the worst would end up pushed to the left fringe by the wind.  These were a few I kept on target and she was able to follow to keep in the frame as they hit.







    That last shot 🎯


  2. 15 hours ago, Tom the Golf Nut said:

    Just an fyi

    Any markings or dirt on a ball will transfer to your screen. These are hard to clean off. Obviously any scuffs will also damage the screen. Kind of acts like sandpaper.
    I would recommend only using new balls. Pick up some cheaper 2 piece balls. Since it’s your garage you can have everyone use the same balls. This eliminates stains and damage to your screen.

    I walked into a simulator area at a club. This guy almost got the crap beat out of him. Evidently he went into a bay and put nice fresh black lines on his balls. Then proceeded to hit them into the screen. Moments later the screen had black lines all over it. The shouting match was getting pretty heated and I decided the outside range would be a more calming area to practice.



  3. 2 hours ago, hckymeyer said:

    Could always use the pro v's you find on the course but don't want to game.  

    Like Greg mentioned the Maxfli tour's are a great ball at a good price.  

    You could also go Costco balls if you just want a cheap urethane ball.

    Last option would be to stick with your gamer ball, but buy some 5A mint condition when you can find a deal.  Just make sure you stick with recycled and stay far far away from refinished or refurbished.

    The issue with used balls is the smallest scuff can rub/spin on the screen and wear through it quick. 

  4. I am going to have some league nights in my garage this winter and dont want to let all my prov1 balls get scuffed and used up quick.  Also less chance of tearing screen. 

    can anyone tell me a decently cheap and durable ball they can use during league nigbts? 

    also will recommend them using their own game ball. 

  5. On 11/16/2023 at 8:59 AM, GolfSpy BOS said:

    A question for the testers!

    Do you find that your shots have a consistent distance and trajectory, even when you didn't strike them just right?

    Edison finds that a staggering amount of WedgeFit submissions say the most common miss is to come up short due to a miss-hit high on the face. Is that something you've struggled with and has it improved?

    I know I have some interesting results from my last range session I'll be sharing soon.


    @PMookie @Shapotomous @TG8 @Placasse61

    Definitely seeing more consistent distances with the edisons than my gamers on mishits.  Interesting enough I had a 20 handicap friend test them with his gamers and he was hitting them noticeably better. I will talk about this more in my review 

  6. 3 hours ago, bens197 said:

    This is really good stuff...and about as a fair of a random sample as you could take for a days worth of work.


    My biggest question for testers entering this program is "do you believe Edison wedges are marketed towards all golfers of all skills or would they be best suited for a 0-5, 5-15 or 15+ handicap?"

    I cannot give my opinion on that question just yet. But I am a 6 handicap and will definitely add that answer to my review in the near future. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Placasse61 said:

    I also have the yips around the green. Because of that I have gone to the bump and run with my 7 or 49* depending on lie and green elevation. I still struggle with the Edison 2.0 51 and 55. Between chunking or not getting under the ball mixed bad results. Going to do some work at a range to see if it is a feel thing or just confidence 

    Hope you get them figured out! 

  8. 6 minutes ago, GolfSpy BOS said:

    Yeah launch and spin off mats might not show any real impact at all.  I know in one of the emails we got from Terry he mentioned this.  It might have to be something we have to really “dig out of the dirt” to see. 

    I'm hoping the weather cooperates this weekend so I can get some on-course results. 

    Im going to take my gc3 to the course today. With daylight savings I’ll probably only get a couple hours unfortunately 

  9. 10 hours ago, GolfSpy BOS said:

    I had the opportunity to breakout the MLM2Pro to give the 45* Edison 2.0 a workout against the Edel SMS Pro PW.  I warmed up and got some test shots done with each to make sure I had the radar in a good spot to capture consistently.  I also used the special Callaway balls to capture spin and get the best and most accurate data possible.  


    I hit over 20 balls with each club, rotating between clubs a few times to try and eliminate any bias.  I also did not look at any ball flight data until after the session.  I did casually observe that it looked like the Edison 2.0 Wedge was spinning 200-300 RPM more on average.  Spin did vary quite a bit, as expected off a mat, so I'll only offer that as anecdotal information at this time.  The wedge is also brand new, so it wouldn't be unsurprising to see that early on.  All in all I eliminated 2 or 3 shots from each.  I had two balls that were out to the right (one each club), 2 that were obvious heavy shots (one each), and one that went very long from the edel which I believe was a misread on the radar.  

    So, what did it look like?  The Edison was consistent and competitve with my Edel SMS PW!  Below are some of the summary charts from my session.  Please not that the Edison is the AW in this dataset so it was easy to compare:

    IMG_7759.jpeg IMG_7758.jpeg

    Overall the two clubs are very similar in performance.  both clubs hit shots high and low, so the Edison is not a one-trick pony only able to hit the club low.  my highest wedge shot came with the Edison, and both clubs hit lower penetrating shows as well, but from the visual perspective it does look like the Edison had more low flighted balls.  

    Another look into the numbers showed the average carry for each was 115, which I'd expect given the same lofts.  Interestingly you'll see below that the Edision (labeled AW) had a tighter distance dispersion by 3 yards, not an insignificant number given the carry range of this club.  I'll be interested to see if that forgiveness and consistency continues.  To be fair, the Edison also had a wider dispersion circle by 4 yards, but considering I was hitting into a net 7 feet in front of my face I'll leave the left/right and aim consistency grades until I get to the range for proper practice hitting to targets. 

    IMG_7760.jpeg IMG_7761.jpeg

    Lastly, I wanted to show the summary data for both.  As mentioned before the carry distance was virtually identical at 114.7 and 114.6 yards.  It also appears that the average launch was indeed lower for Edison 2.0.  As a result the of the similar spin values overall the peak height was also lower on the Edison, but not dangerously so, at 102 versus 106 feet.  That resulted in a slightly flatter landing angle but I don't think holding the green will be an issue with these.  

    IMG_7873.jpeg IMG_7874.jpeg

    Next up, some range/course time to see how the numbers hold up or change on real grass!  I know that off mats I really shouldn't expect to see significant differences, so seeing even a trend of lower flight is promising and I do expect to see some of this carryover onto the course.



    Great stuff, not to spoil my testing but I will say I am seeing the Edison's not launching any lower than my gamers on the GC3 so far. It is still early so things could easily change as I keep getting data.

  10. 3 hours ago, GolfSpy BOS said:

    Happy Tuesday Testers!  

    @Shapotomous @TG8 @Placasse61 @PMookie


    Question for you all since you've had a little time to start testing out the wedges!  How do you feel about the fit and finish of the wedges? And while we're at it how do you think the feel is?


    I'll Start!  I think the satin finish is well done and has held up well to my first barrage of shots.  It seems like it will defeat glare plenty well enough, and although my preference is for a darker finish on wedges, I could see myself gaming a full set of these in their satin finish.  As for feel, so far it's been pleasantly surprising.  I'm still getting used to the KBS 120s feel, but there is a good weight to the wedge and partial and full swings feel good.  Hitting balls into a net in my garage produced a slightly sharper feel compared to my gamer, but I'm guessing that has a lot to do with the environment.  Hopefully I'll get some range/game time soon enough for some pure outdoor shots.  


    I think the satin finish looks great and is not distracting. I am a fan of minimal wedge finishes and I think that the satin finish is perfect for those sunny days where the sun may glare down at your wedge. Also fingerprint smudges do not show as bad as standard chrome finishes. The face finish will have to be discussed later with more use as right now they still are looking new. 

    I just hit another 75+ shots in my garage just 10 min ago (same ball used during the session) and I really focused on finding a sound/feel difference between the vokeys but my ears could not tell a difference in sound. If anything on mishits the "clicky" noise was louder on the vokeys. For feel I am going to give the early testing round to the Edisons.. but it is super close and I think it comes down to preference as they are too close to tell much difference (especially on quarter/half swings). 

    My favorite thing I have noticed so far is when opening up that Edison face for a flop/higher shot it seems way more confidence inspiring to look down at versus my gamer wedges.

    That "Koehler Sole" is proving to be a real factor with the Edison 2.0 wedges

  11. 2 hours ago, Golf2Much said:

    @TG8, nice pictures bringing in the fall foliage.   You do have a photographer's eye!

    Being born, raised and had my career in Western New York, there's days I miss the leaves changing, apple cider and the little nip in the air this time of year.  Then I snap out of it and realize that it really only meant five to six months of snow and cold to follow.   

    Fall season is definitely beautiful and you cracked me up, Definitely think like me, I know snow and winter is coming.  Bright side is I invested in a simulator so I can at least swing inside for the winter months. 

  12. I have oakley prism motocross goggles(how oakley started) and they help a ton when your in shadows and dark spots. Id only image how good the golf ones are since those came out well after the motocross lenses. 

    following along as I need a new set of subglasses! 

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