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  1. If you have other hobbies take a week or two to focus on them and come back to golf. For me it’s motocross and it helps a lot to flip flop so you dont stress out. This advise is only good if your not trying to go pro.
  2. I wish i was bombing it. Swing 112mph with 2800-3000rpm spin. Feel like im being robbed of some distance. Average driver is 260-275 yards
  3. Thanks I’ll work on getting a better video. I’ll upload a winter video !
  4. I have had a long john daly swing since I was 13 years old(now 30). No matter what I try I simply cannot shorten it. Iron play is fine but my driver is so inconsistent. When I was younger my driver was consistent somehow but in the last 5 years im all over the place with mostly pulls. Anyone struggle with this and have any tips or drills to try? I know most people will say “just shorten it“ but its tough especially when it slices and feels well under powered when i try it. Silly post for most people who have never had a long swing but its a struggle! FullSizeRender.mov
  5. Curious if your spin numbers were down on the cobra radspeed driver? I had a similar setup and got fitted to the cobra with black smoke. I didnt get to try the tsi3 so i was curious how spin numbers compared if you remember?
  6. I too have 2 daughters that are 4 years old and 5 months old. We have a public course where i keep my golf cart. Its nice because my oldest loves to ride or steer the cart. Sometimes ill use that as an excuse to go get a round in. Other times The wife and I will trade off days to do stuff so we both get free time to ourselves. Works out pretty well for the most part.
  7. Thanks for the info. I dont live anywhere close to demo so In hoping for some good insight.
  8. Really liking the look of the sub 70 sycamore 004 mallet putter. Does anyone have any reviews on this putter? I game a toulon las vegas and evnroll er5b so how does the sub 70 compare to those type of milled mallets? thanks.
  9. Hzrdus smoke black x-stiff 60g. keeps me from pulling my drives often low spin and low launch suit me as i hit the ball high. shaft feels great for my aggressive transition.
  10. Im pretty satisfied with the Bridgestone tour b x. I want to try the bxs(tigers ball) , snell mtbx, and srixon zstar xv.
  11. How do you like those irons? Always loved the look of them.
  12. Still getting use to them but they spin like crazy. Putter spa by jrich. He has a big following on instagram if you want to check out his work.
  13. Thanks for all the input. I will give all the suggestions a try. Appreciate it.
  14. That was an option ive been wanting to try. Not sure if my 110 swing speed will due it justice.
  15. I have been having great success on hitting fairways with the bridgestone tour b x golf ball. It is an all around great performing ball. The only downfall I am noticing is greenside spin is a little low for me. Anyone have any golf ball recommendations that are similar but with more greenside spin? thanks.
  16. Hey guys, I am from MO and started playing competitive golf when i was 12. Took a break when i was 17 and picked golf back up again at 27. I am now 29 and recently won our local club championship in the A flight shooting 2 over par. I Play about 5 tourneys a year and play cash golf league every week.
  17. Driver: Cobra Speedzone 9* - Hzrdus Smoke 60g x-stiff Fairways - Cobra Speedzone 14.5 - Hzrdus smoke 70g Stiff, Cobra Speedzone 17.5 - Hzrdus smoke Stiff Irons - Mizuno Hot Metal Pro (4-PW) - KBS C-Taper 115 Wedges - Cobra MIM black 52, Cobra MIM black 56 Putter - Scotty Cameron Del Mar Custom/ Odyssey Toulon Las Vegas/ Evnroll ER5 Black
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