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  1. Swing speed has nothing to do with the ease of the fitting, the fact you have limitations makes the fitters job a challenge. Much like a golfer with an overly sensitive feel for a golf club. You can neither see or feel what is going on with the golfer until they are in the both making contact, GIVING FEED BACK, and reacting to change in the equipment. Unfortunately you are also in the that part of the career in golf that is akin to just starting. where age related issue may cause more frequent changes in gear. Just as a younger golfer will experience a growth spurt and strength, you my f
  2. I had been building up that portion of the grip for years. When the MCC4+ came it seemed a no-brainer and still is to this day for me To the point the MCC4+ in the tour velvet style made its way onto the driver and feel good too.
  3. pulling from and adapter is very different than a bonded club. The technique is the same the amount or time needed can be very different. I have found about 30 sec is the average time for the application of heat before the epoxy will release in an adapter as most are made from aluminum and transfer heat rapidly. bonded heads have thicker hosels (obviously) and the addition of the head that can act and a heat sink. This time is double if not more than the hosel removal requirement. The simple give away on the shaft is the rigidity of the tip went pulled and after it cools. Again if
  4. another clubmaker friend of mine developed a rash when gripping clubs, turned out it was a mild allergic reaction from being exposed to a large amount of the solvent. Ive not heard of the issue since. However, he started the use of surgeons gloves, nitrile, or alike type and the rash went away. He also washed after each grip session. Since that time, Ive washed my hands after each gripping session, no issue after 20+ years.
  5. McGolf

    Travel bags

    I've had the sun mountain pro travel bag club glider, took overseas multiple times and to Fla more times than I can count without an issue. Only recently I found a tear in the bag by handle. After years of pulling wrapping inspecting etc, Im ok with it and got another. The unit moves with ease. is quite large and can hold just about anything . Fitting into a truck is problematic if the car is small. a medium car it will have to go in at an angle. I drive a truck or a yukon so no real concern for me in that category.
  6. Mitchell and Scotland used to be the ones to get. Scotland went away and Trublue is the new version of the same. Filling the void until trublue came out golf mechanix and golf works both produced models that were meant for the hobbyist. They offered multiple models based on the effort loft and lie adjustments the user was willing to do. If you are doing this on the side and dont see much traffic in this area I would look at the GM and GW mid range models or the mitchell used market. If you are going to jump into the adjustment game with both feet then look heavily at T
  7. 2 things: I would a hyde type knife to flick the glue off. Dont scrape get just under it then flick it. 2nd is that really a putter shaft into a putter at that angle? i appears that its 2 pieces that a butt glued together.
  8. Bending the club 2 degree will not be a issue. But as previously posted there is always a possibility for breakage however small.
  9. Not all mats are created equal, I use fiber built which will take a fat shot, and it will been seen by the LM
  10. There are a few books out there. Golfworks has a newer fitting book and Wishon also has a good fitting book to comb through. Id start there first. There is a school if GW ever restarts. There are 2 organizations ICG International clubmaker guild (dont let the name fool ya) and AGCP If you want to learn fitting, start with the books
  11. TOny, Make two slits about a 1/2" apart then remove the piece you made and thee rest will be easy. A hook blade will work too. It may take two passes but it better than a straight blade.
  12. Id take the quad information over the other. too much of a difference. I like out doors just for the fact of being outdoors, sunshine and wind etc. Turf interaction is mental during a fitting. I get the idea of hitting of turf is more for when the ball is in a divot etc. however if you cant it well when the lie is perfect your expectation of needing turf to hit it when the ball is down is misplaced.
  13. for removing a steel shaft a rod the length of the shaft was used. The tip of the rod was heated to a nice cherry red and laid inside the inside the hosel. About three trips down the shaft and viola it comes out. That is as Jaskanski described, a pin in the back of the head
  14. the weights I have pulled from the stroke lab are longer than an inch. If you extend the shaft you may not be able to put the weight back in. Taking out the weight is pretty straight forward. A little bit of heat to the weight and just ever so slightly around the shaft area (I mean just a little) The adhesive will let go and you can remove the weight.
  15. Jim , Waverly Ohio Putting mat, capto have a indoor and outdoor unit 10 -11 8ft width, 3 holes, bumpers if allowed.
  16. Without empirical evidence it is hard to prove either point however I have seen a graphite shaft under a constant strain for a short period of time and the shaft remained in the same bend profile when the strain was removed. Does that mean the shaft will wear out? eh. Yes I do believe the shaft will wear out. 200 rounds is pretty short imo. The would have to depend on the golfer. 1) how fast was the golfer swinging 2) how aggressive was the golfer swinging, 3) did the golfer make consistent strike not hitting the ground , you get where this heads. Obviously the more strain and shock place
  17. we carry them in the shop and are on various golfers. My playing partner switched to them and swears he has gained distance because of the loosening of grip pressure. They are comfy in the hand but a bit distracting at first just because of the size. The texture is first rate for me. not super soft and the diamond pattern is feels good. Then there is the RWB colors.,,,,
  18. Jim/ Waverly, Ohio/ USA Bird of prey floki is my choice with #59 grip. The large slight line and multi-material head are interesting to feel the firmer "feel" which normally translates into longer putts which is my failure on most puts. Also would like to take it apart to see how the adjustable length gizmo works./ Just kidding but I am interested
  19. If you inserted a .370 and a .355 I would make sure the depth of insertion. If the .370 is the same use it. If not the .355, Use a shim. some folks have used a sliver of pop can or fishing line
  20. Keep in mind a fitting is not just about clubs. its about fitting clubs and your swing. A fitter is or should be knowledgeable about the golf swing and can possibly talk to swing flaws that could be messing with your consistency. The fitter could recommend gear that can also add to the category. As previously identified. The swing can be impacted by the gear. Weight length flex etc. If nothing else it will bring a peace of mind one way or other.
  21. I went to the KBS TGI 95 and they a very nice. The flight isnr much different than the 105 steel shaft I had in the clubs.
  22. Not to beat a dead horse but wack wack wack.. First - if at all possible shaft tip to match hosel diameter. second - yes it can be done "carefully" what is mentioned above is the shafts the are typically made in specific lengths and are .370 will have a bit more meat on the end and can be sanded. others with longer .370 tip sections can thin out as tipped up the shaft. How much? Each maker varies. Keeping in mind the first 3/8" to 1/2" is wear most of the sanding will occur to make it fit. When doing this and using graphite please consider if your brother chops wood or can
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