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  1. The non-removable cleats is a way to get the shoe closer to the ground. They did it with all their shoes last year (I think) and this year there's a split (I think, again). The MGS crew will be taking a look at 3 different models from this year's line, so keep your eyes peeled for the full review.

    If you get a tinny is a 12 let me know Lol!

  2. I was psyched by the look of the white out Multi-Compound, but the feel is not there, IMO. There is distinctly less "cord" feeling than there is on the black version. Very disappointing.

    If you like the cord feeling their new corded grip is hot.

  3. The AXE shafts are top notch. I put in more than my fairshare last year.

    The SL is a great shaft that will hang with an agressive swing.

    If you have a smoother swing an are looking for a bit more distances say for older golfers. The Model 5 is fantastic!

    The tour shaft is another truly under rated shafts. this was a great suprise to me in combination with the CT256.

    I tested this combination with stronger golfers of varying age and every time the combination produced a better ball flight lower spin and control. For those that have trouble with the hooks, this is it.


    I have the SL fairway and hybrid coming for the fitting cart and expect great things. I may even put it in one of those adam FW's


    The Golfworks stuff does play to the golfer in need of improvement BUT there are some truly players stuff in there too. The KE4, forged product is all suprisingly good.

  4. The question could be where is the "Feel" player actually feeling the weight.


    obviously the sw weight of the club creates a weight in the hands, Backing weighting places that weight directly in the hands.


    The no feeling comment usually comes when the player is waggling the club not bringing it around.


    It was mentioned Nicklaus did it. Wasn't he a feel player?


    then a wooden dowel was placed in the butt of the shaft and lead was poured into a drilled out portion. Another way to accompish the same.


    Another thought is the grip is less expensive than a balance certified weight

  5. If the fitter is any good and is using the flight scope you will get the data you want. Not to turn this into amy LM is better than your issue but all the LMs are calculating indoors.


    If you are comfortable hitting indoors then do the fitting indoors. the big things that might change are easily fixed i.e. loft/ lie. Your swing speed is not goin to double or even reduce to a factor that will dramatically impact the flex choice. Particularly if factory built chance are they wont match anyway. Contrary to popular belief you can pick a spot on the net.


    Hitting off a mat is an issue. If the mat is just a mat then false positives (a draw) will be found. Using hitting area that allow for a deep divot such as fiberbuilt is a better alernative.

  6. I had an opportuntiy to talk to the Pirreti guys. A great bunch and easy to talk to,

    The dymascus putter came in later that day. I first time putting with that steel.

    Definitely different than the standard steel.


    The other model in the picture is as solid as anything out there. soft, easy to align and great looking.

  7. I looked these, Crocks and kikkors.

    All about the same style, which is pretty neat.

    However, the idea of being close to the ground or the feeling like you are walking in bare feet is not something I look for in a shoe.

    My rep loves them of course.

    They all have the benefit of being able to go from the office to the course. which is a plus for me

  8. I tried to get those guys to sell to me directly and would only go through an independent rep.

    Thats OK. But if you dont have any then sell me some.


    You has to the gator look up close I watched a half dozen people go up to that one and touch to see if it had texture.

    Some of the designs are not to my tasted but if they designed to my tastes they would one customer.


    It is not a heat shrink according to the owner. It will take some sky shots will out busting. It is not supposed to damage the original finish either.


    I imagine Cost will play into the popularity

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