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  1. Im a solvent guy and so is the wife, no kidding she puts on more grips than I do.
  2. My favorite thing at the show was the scotch and beer glasses made by BenShot. They are a father and son team that works with Veteran in Wisconsin making well uh glasses with golf balls in the side. They work well. I tested one with some Glennfidtch 14 and the golf ball never got in the way. hmmm.
  3. A wedge fitting much like putter fittings are not as main stream as the full swing fitting but are just as important. I would think that as many if not more strokes can be found after these fittings. Bounce, loft, grind, length, shaft weight, grip all need to be considered. tony@CIC don't leave out Wilson to go with your C300s the new forged wedge does come in a 60 and looks pretty nice.
  4. Golf in the right side of the ball. This will be a series of videos building my set
  5. These are probably the only ones in the US. If not they certainly were the first. Very sweet. Oh and a special treat next
  6. Hope this let get me the secret hand shake
  7. Just got back from the PGA show, will post pics so I can learn the secret hand shake
  8. Can you believe I just found this thread!!!!! As lefty I make it a requirement for a vendor to have at least one lefty item albeit a head, glove etc. to me it shows a commitment to the long haul in the industry. I have a youtube channel that reviews golf gear, talks to fittings and club repairs all from a lefty point of view mcgolf channel For the latest, I just received a NEW LEVEL lefty iron head and the maverick driver from Callaway, expect to see some good stuff soon. Including PGA show coverage
  9. There is a piece of info missing. Where are they landing? The numbers suggest that the contact is good if not great now how about direction. Based on the equipment, if you are looking to improve, retooling the iron may be the best bet. Based on past experiences the t90 in R flex probably is not R. get something you can have confidence in and take a rip with or finesse as needed.
  10. I would be wary of multi layer grips such as winn. The underlisting isn't know for stretching.
  11. There a few considerations when determining length of a golf club for a golfer. assuming an 1" over standard, would require a fairly flat swing. I am hope you hit that length to have actual experience hitting the club.
  12. my rep gave a conservative number of at least 36 holes. Would love to have one also.
  13. if you find that you like the elevate (which comes in a 95g or 120g option) you might like to consider the catalyst shaft.
  14. The KBS line for irons shaft is about as extensive as any company out there. I have found there is a difference between the .355 and .370 shafts of the same model. Where the taper tips shafts can be a bit more stiff. It really sounds as if you convinced yourself the clubs were poor before you started or the build was poor to start with. Give them another shot
  15. McGolf

    UST or Fujikura?

    If the V2 is working no need for changing. UST and Fuji have different ideas on shaft profiling as a result both make great shafts.
  16. Talk about a hobby gone a stray,,,, I exited the nuclear navy some 20 plus years ago and headed to southern Ohio (just about 20 miles south of the banjo music), And started "the life" coaching baseball , wood working projects, 2 kid and the picket fence (well no real fence). It was then time old man time slinked into the house and said no more sports for you. I took up golf,,, Ya I know, way to go bonehead, however, the kids notice my enjoyment of the game and asked to join. A proud dad with out knowledge and two boys made it around the course without incident. The only unfortunate part of th
  17. there is no problem to modifying the hosel to accept the .370 shaft. However, you must ensure the proper bore. If are going to use a drill bit then don't. A reamer or bottom bore bit in a drill press at low speed is the best cleanest way to perform the job. Weather its .355 or .370 the way it attached to the shaft is the same. Check fit and glue.
  18. golfworks used to carry club conex, however I think that partnership is over. Im pretty sure GW doesn't make one. Club conex.
  19. was it juiced or not set up properly in the beginning? That said, it is completely wrong to do that. I actually tweak mine down so as not to give a false impression of distance. When the golfer actually hits a good one then a more positive mental set up occurs.
  20. you need to evaluate your game to determine the proper club for the bag to fit between the 4i and 3w. Meaning a lot of golfers that tend to hit the fairways well struggle with hybrids, at least most of them. where the opposite can also be true. A golfer that stripes a hybrid could most certainly fail with a fairway wood, I am in that category. If you a FW golfer then try a 7w if not then give the 3 or 4 hybrid a try. Again in most cases the hybrids with the same number on it as the iron tend to go further than the iron by design.
  21. Im with both. An engineer or team can make the best golf club that checks all the boxes but it it looks like a iron that fell down the stairs into a furnace i.e. the human factor then its not worth its weight in scrap.
  22. 20 seconds may have not been enough. It appears there might be some of the shaft still in the hosel. I would recommend 15- 20 sec on three different sides. then pull it. and I'm on team butane and micro torch.
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