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  1. If you get an opportunity to watch the golfer. see if he is bouncing the club off his back during the follow through. Had THAT happen a few times to my sons team mates drivers. years ago
  2. use a rubber hammer to "tap" on the head to get it to move
  3. I went to that one also, I think it didn't last long.
  4. im an hour a 30 minutes from the GW south and west
  5. you already put a wear in center of the wedge,,,, well done
  6. Just had a guy from Iowa stop by after attending the 3 day course. He is planning a few more return trips to the other schools. Id say that's a thumbs up. I went Dare I say in 1999. Jim Y did and still does a great job.
  7. At tech improves so will the price. Meaning go up. I believe the larger units are for folks that do fittings, pros and swing coaches, etc. I.e. people getting paid to be in the industry and those that have a disposable income or just plain ate up with the info the unit can provide. for golfs wanting to basically improve and track stats much like using game golf or Arccos, the MEVOs and skytracs of the world may be a better choice to track distances, directions, speeds alike. AND not leave a smoking crater in your wallet.
  8. Wth new units starting a 15k and going up it would appear that a used or refurb is the way to go. Personally a refurb is my choice as the company should have gone through the unit and you end up with some thing reliable. where a used unit is all on you when the check clears (does that even happen any more?). Then you need to ask your self what you want from the unit. Basic info, SS distance etc or more advanced stuff like acceleration profiles and swing path or even the ability to link up with other sims. Finally, it depends on your mental make up to the technology you tru
  9. most fitters using a launch monitor will show you the optimal numbers, assume best case scenario, then give you best number generated via initial testing then move to parts that should get you from part A to Part B and best that can be accomplished.
  10. nothing cooler than the wood woods except maybe wood putters. Could the cotton be from a redo in the shipping and that's what was lying around? here what was on my bench last ping iron reshaft
  11. most if not all driver shafts are made for a direct insertion. Trimming only when you need to increase the flex or when installing into fairway woods.
  12. the tour V is a comparable to the tour series of shafts where the tour 90 is more for the fluid swinger looking for a higher ball flight.
  13. I think I've conquered the ummms, now have to remove the "and" and "so"
  14. Stop By DunVegans up the street from the old course, Outstanding "baked" fish and chips. Beer is coooold. The haggis aint bad either. If that doesn't sound go turn around and look across the street to the oldest clubmaker. the new old clubs are quite nice. Love Kingsbarn.
  15. I would start with the category you are struggling with most.
  16. I jumped into the ONE on the other side of the ball (lefty) This is the first anser style putter I have owned and like you a newer stroke was a confidence killer. However, the ball rolled well and I was left with a bunch of tap ins. Just got to trust myself the putter works fine
  17. First Name/State- Jim/Ohio Handicap/Swing Speed- 14/ 103 Current Ball Played- Chrome Soft Have you previously played the Z Star or XV- only the original generation of the ball
  18. We've been counter balancing putters since 2000. Counter balancing IMO helps override the fast twitch muscles in the hands up to the forearms. We used and still do use an insert weight but the superstroke had made it easy to add the weight. There are others and as long as you are comfortable with the feel and style of the grip it aint all bad.
  19. did the clubs listed beat the gamer? are the impacts toward the top of the club face?
  20. new Sun Mountain C130 bag with the US flag on it. Dividers, holds everything and performed like a champ on the trip to scotland
  21. back to the 9-16 date. The first post mentioned being able to golf on sundays. The 16 th is a Monday? I didn't go through all 8 pages to see if anyone else noticed or asked. I'd like to try my hand at Bent Tree never been.
  22. I must be an old timer, I have the line and the pitch and the tool. Don't use it very often as you can imagine. A EXCELLENT explanation. and on a Macgregor Tourney ?
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