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  1. I must be an old timer, I have the line and the pitch and the tool. Don't use it very often as you can imagine. A EXCELLENT explanation. and on a Macgregor Tourney ?
  2. Sanding or prepping after a cut, particularly when cutting by hand or machine is a great idea. I do a quick end prep on the sander to remove rough edges. The glue thing is new to me and may be overkill but hey!, it certainly works and if you want to do that then by all means enjoy the process.
  3. I would like the Veteran badge please
  4. The 95 is a proto shaft that is a stiffer profile for an aggressive golfer. The 780 is a much softer profile. it may be stiff but the profile is very good.
  5. I've had the seven, marksman and 2 ball in the shop. First impression is the detail delivered in each of the putters. The added texture of the lines in the darker part of the putter and the red accent of the Aluminum all capped with the stroke lab have made these a very popular putter just from an aesthetics point of view.. I have found the "S" neck option to be the better selection for most, not all, but most. IF you are the arc putter looking for more help in the aiming department then you might want to check them out. The newer insert gives the putter a better more solid feel and appa
  6. In the clubmaking section of the forum another member asked about removing a broken graphite shaft. It is being crunched by the computer even as speak. hopefully to be loaded by this morning. 4k take a while. And thanks guys./
  7. Did a review on the professional grip station. I added an office size trash can and put it near an outlet for a heat gun and near the grips. Mrs McGolf is using quite regularly now.
  8. New Era hat -they have to fit big heads Belt - Nexbelt - love the get smart ball marker compartment Shirt - callaway - gotta love the big and tall section Pants/ shorts -not sure - Kohls hahahahahaha shoes- Id like to try ECCO, ive heard they are might comfy, but I know new balance or callaway as they are made in the same factory. and 2undr along with kent wool socks
  9. Just had a stuck 400 come into the shop. Hit it with a plastic head hammer. The kind with a rubber sticking face one side and hard plastic on the other. I call em no bounce hammers. anyway. Two taps and viola its free.
  10. If you think it a truetemper product, send them the step pattern (customer service?) and they should be able to help.
  11. I just finishing videoing this very topic. If you give me a day or two I can show you how. Heat and drill
  12. You are virtually hitting a knuckle ball. Hopefully you are recovering well from the surgeries. I might suggest a club not so techie. In the Wilson C300 with the preferred shaft. The MGS folk found it worked best for golfers with SS in your range. would like to hear when they come up with
  13. Callaway Apparel has a big and tall section.
  14. There was a puller from Golfsmith that was pictured in a blue vice. The puller went into the vice. Unfortunately GS is no longer available./
  15. McGolf

    Snapping a Shaft

    Shaft breakage just above the tip is typically a result of hitting near the hosel or hitting the ground just before impact. A second possible cause is when bring the club around it hits your back. This typically results in a break towards the middle but can be closer to the head.
  16. The USGA has a procedure in which to measure club length USGA procedure However it is a go- no go gauge, meaning it is only testing for max allowable length of the club. I did a video a year ago on length what is length There gobs (that's a technical term) of gadgets out there to measure length. There are also a ton of considerations to measuring length so long as its less than 48" and longer the 18" you are all good. Which brings into question just how is it really done? While trying to stay as close to the directive in the procedure I would consider a machine/
  17. For little guys check out T squared putters or swag putters. They not cheap but they are small.
  18. I would not get to infatuated with 40T as the defining characteristic of the golf shaft. Chances are, the fitter will not know that parameter of the shaft unless it is part of the marketing for the shaft. There are plenty of other characteristics that will impact your choice. When the fitter does his/her job you will be evaluated and given choices associated with the evaluation. Give them a try, you may find that a non 40T shaft works better. But, do tell the fitter your interests in that type of shaft, they might have the exact thing you are looking for
  19. Tried them out at the PGA show, The elbow in concept was unique but it worked. The are two very different models one tear dropped shaped and the is an up side down trapezoid. I believe I prefer the second as it is more familiar in a traditional feel where the first is reminiscent of a SS grip.
  20. I have had the V1 model for years and a C130 bag. No issues. It may turn in the cart depending on the distribution of adult beverages in the bag but the stability is not impacted IMO
  21. I have to EZGO work horse models that are gas powered. IMO the top three are EZGO, Club car and Yamaha In the last few years club car and EXGO have changed the way the golfer sits in the car with new suspensions that are more independent of the cart which is an excellent feature again IMO. Electric is more right on demand for power where the gas has to wind up just slightly. Although I give the nod to the gas models for torque and power. Both can go fast just how far is dependent on your driving habits and condition of the car. While in those communities you may find that a
  22. I'm a sun mountain fan. We started with them from the very beginning, The tour model with the rolling leg stand makes for a super easy travel across the airport as well as to and from the car to hotel. I've been overseas twice and to Florida on several occasions without a mishap. It will store the bag, shoes and the outer wear with ease
  23. Of all the grips I am most excited with the Tour velvet model. Never was a fan of the original and complete recommend the MCC4+ and CP2s. The MCC4+ model in the tour velvet should give it the bit more cushion I prefer. When they put the align in the TV I built up the bottom hand who new I was ahead of the game LOL
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