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  1. I stand on the right side of the ball and do review from that side too. Could be interesting.
  2. Like the tour velvet MCC4 plus like model, combining what is the popular grip with the popular size. Should make if feel a bit softer too. Im not sure what the align will do in the Z grip as it is pretty firm. could be the tops in the feel dept. Id have to feel the putter grip to comment on putter.
  3. This year will make my 18th year attending the PGA show. We are mom and pop and in the beginning we did write orders there. Mostly because our rural location was not on the company reps travel path, in the beginning. The internet made a lot of the things smaller. meeting the people and getting a read on the company wasn't one of them. There will always be that head pro that might feel another club company or another apparel company is better for the club or course. What better way to get a feel for the company you are getting ready to do business with than meeting the people in char
  4. That's how I talk about it in fittings too
  5. The model shown above is one of three. The other models collapse into a smaller foot print, one is a 3 wheeler and the other is a 4 wheeler. I started with the model that had bungee straps and now have the newer model that does not. Bringing back the straps is a nice touch if on a course with a lot of ups and downs. Outside of that not needed. The accessories such as the seat is a great touch for crowded rounds. A good line up this year. sun mountain carts
  6. When the next adventure is scheduled please keep me in mind. I totally missed this thread. Glad you guys had a good time. The pizza looks tasty
  7. selecting a fitter is akin to selecting a swing coach. If you are wondering about a fitting, call the fitter and ask them to explain their fitting process. If it makes sense to you then you are on your way to a good experience Ask any other general question that might be important to you such as price, discounts, companies used etc. If they address swing flaws. If you have a good feeling about the fitter then schedule the time. IF not move along as chances are you will mentally fight the process and the experience will be poor.
  8. IT would depend on the actual lie angle of the Wilson clubs or the single length clubs you were hitting. If they are the same now then extend it and enjoy. If not then extend and adjust to want you know works.
  9. Got a new Camera for youtube videos and a new Rode mic, Should be interesting and a big learning curve. I did get a huskers switch blade divot tool though. Its now in the da bag
  10. If you like the cally model I might suggest choking down on the club. Most of the newer models are made pretty long. and carrying an 8 HCP I would also look towards the SZ model not the regular rogue
  11. Another lefty here and understand the companies limited budget for making product for us. I just wish that companies would produce their middle tier models instead of the beginning or expert models. IMO its would hit more golfers. In that vein, Wilson offers a great selection, of course the big boys do too. I am told Eric at NL will be making a lefty irons which sound intriguing.
  12. answer to your last question,,, YES second if you struggle with the FW how about trying a hybrid. Say a 17 degree and give it a go. you might just find that is what you are looking for.
  13. Welcome, I might give a bit of an alternate answer. If you are hitting on that surface I would suggest hitting off the other surface near the tee. Thin mats give false positives, cause joint discomfort and wear out the area you are standing for us lefties Secondly, It could be in the set up meaning if the club is set where the shaft is straight into the bottom of the club not soled, you could be adding loft and hitting into the back of the sole i.e. the same as a flip. Where setting the club back a ball diameter puts the club into the position it was designed for allowing for a gr
  14. Acetone, nail polish remover, the golf works wipes. will do the job but why glue a grip?
  15. The Cortex is a driver that can stand with the other drivers. I did a review of the driver cortex review The specs are interesting at not the standard OEM specs. particularly in length and swing weight. I really didn't think the Fuji shaft was going to work in the club because of my previous bias to the construction of other models, thinking they were all the same. Wellllll,.. come to find out Im a bonehead and this white ATMOS is a pretty nice shaft. I only wish Wilson would make this a part of one of their categories. There is a driver for the D and C models. How about pu
  16. All Steele needs now Is a set of knickers made from the most advanced moisture wicking material and a golf cap that get WiFi and he would match up to the clubs. old meets new. All I can think about is how I would reshaft them with 90 gram shaft or Recoils hahahaha then not hit them any better.
  17. If you mean the screw that actually hold the head to the shaft via the adapter chances are no based on the slightly different torque wrench the OEMS supply. Some are interchangeable but not all. If you mean to put a PING head with a Callaway tip. I would suggest looking at club conex. They have a system that works on most larger companies.
  18. Would be a good resource because if it had that info it surely would have more other interesting factiods too. Keep in mind with todays drivers you may have to ask weather that includes the adjustable tip.
  19. You could meet the needs of most golfers with most makers, To me for top end is more about quality, The Bettinardi folks have established certain quality standards as allowable, Toulon does testing and gather acceptance from professionals as does Scotty.
  20. For top end type putters: to name a few Betts, Scotty Piretti Toulon when getting one just get a fitting to ensure it stays a friend once purchased.
  21. 1) You could have just extended the shafts 1" The KBS imo is a better shaft. 2) Remove the weights and reinstall them. It to ensure the epoxy gets into the space inside and out of the shaft and the hosel. Dirt is not you friend and there is plenty in there if you take it out. 3) Yes the swing weight will go up making the length longer. If you are putting on larger grips it will balance a good portion of the SW added from the length.
  22. How many balls did you guys really hit to make that scene?
  23. McGolf

    D v D 2

    That's What I said in my video in the review up to date. The D v D is an awesome marketing tool to bring notoriety to the brand. They made serious improvements to the series from the last one for sure. Im also in agreement about the LM numbers seeming a little dodgy. I'm hoping what we didn't see was the serious amount of real testing being done on the models say in comparison to other OEMs to make sure a dud isn't being brought to market. What I haven't heard is that is better than my gamer. Pros and Cons Pro: Wilson is getting new and modern designs. The real weakness fo
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