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  1. Giving the nod to PING for being a pioneer for creating some sort of method to get better gear into the hands of golfers.

    I prefer the dynamic fit as it take into consideration the very thing you are trying to address. The proper club length among other parameters,

    This assumes the fitter is looking at your posture and actually testing for length. Staying away from the "this is better or that" conversation.

    As part of the fitting process tell the fitter your concerns so that they can be addressed and you have confidence in the specs recommendation

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  2. There are clubmaking books from golfworks for sale from GW and Golfsmith book for sale on EBAY I believe both can be found on amazon,

    Dynacraft (now hireko)  has a good book also.

    If you are wanting to learn I second the class at Golfworks in Newark Ohio, Plenty to choose from in the range of topic and  experience.


    I talk to some basic club stuff on youtube if you are interested

  3. Without reading the entire three pages of responses:

    Tools are only as good as the user. All need some sort of set up, altitude, soil condition, wind direction (if needed) etc. particularly if using indoors.

    Then placement and or alignment once the settings are input. or indoor or outdoor.

    After that, I can say that most will give reliable numbers and data.

    If the unit is set up well then the numbers you saw are probably dead on.

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  4. Dukester, I am sure that at 1.5 inches over standard the fitter/ builder was trying to maintain some sort of normal swingweight by using a lighter shaft. However most ultra light shafts are not designed for the better player. It is a pretty good bet the shaft is off, I would suggest trying something in the 105/110 range. A kbs tour 105 or something like it in another brand. when putting on what I assume (yes I know what that does When I do that) is a larger grip (Bigger guy, bigger grip) the Sw is not that bad and may just help. When doing one shaft if it works then viola you are on your way and if not then you are out only ONE shaft.


    Ermablixt.The shaft in the forged13 model is made for the aggressive swinger even at lighter weights usually translates into a much more stiff shaft than advertised. Low spin, low trajectory low weight can make for a club that could easily fade for an aggressive swing. where the regular PX may actually play closer to the advertised flex and be much less than that of the PXI series. The added weight is essentially only in the shaft in a swing that is geared to produce a fade could influence shutting the club. Trade out one of the shaft and try it. Or have a club guy look at it and do a blue print of both and just see where the differences lie.

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  5. Going back to the original post,

    I believe you are asking two separate questions.

    1) Swing weight what is it/ where to add weight and

    2) what's with moving weight around on/in the head.


    Swing weight IMO is a measurement from a scale that can show you the consistency of your build. Most golfers cant feel a 1-3 SW pt change. Although there are some that are sensitive to it they are in the minority. For the OEM it can be used as a marketing tool and a QA tool. Advertising the D-2 or D-4 Sw in the spec and then doing QA checks to make sure they are making a consistent product.  now for the first answer, adding a tip weight is more cosmetic appealing meaning you can't see it. However if you don't have the facilities or time then using lead tape to gain your "feel" will have to do. Which leads into the next question


    Moving weight around in the club head itself can impact the way the head is delivered into the ball. This has been going on since the wood wood era. when drilling holes and placing weights or molten lead in them and covered with the sole plate. Now the larger companies have movable weights on the heads. How much needs moved to truly impact the change? There is the million $$ question. Golfers are a unique in that the slightest change say in appearance at address can affect the way a club is swung. All things created equal I would say you have to move at least 10-12g to get some sort of real change. up down, left or right. 

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  6. I am a fan of the 3/16 stamp. seems to fit the areas on the back of the club and the depth is good enough to hold the paint.

    Anthony is the best at it, They also use a clamp and stamp guide. That is rig is something else.


    If you have a large enough vice, the back. flat area is a great and stable place to put the club head. Just put down a piece of double sticky tape to hold it.

    This is assuming the head only

  7. I work two jobs,


    I am a senior manager at a now shut down uranium enrichment plant. X health physic manager and x maintenance manager.


    secondly: Own and operate a Golf custom fitting shop, repair facility and driving range with Mrs McGolf

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  8. Staying with the anser styled putters. Each company obviously has its own take on the look, width etc.


    From a look perspective the Toulon is probably the most toned down with color or graphics, the look is smooth and easy as is the feel.

    The Pirreti and Bett are super clean millings, the edges are a bit sharper by design. Bettinardi has upped their game in the splash it on column, Where Piretti is finding their way. 

    From a feel perspective I would say the Pirreti is more crisp than the Toulon and softer than the Bett models. All are solid in their own way.


    Once you have the parameters for the putter, length, lie, loft etc, then its what you like looking and feeling.



  9. To the cities question: I live near Columbus and actually like the shape of the putter however being a lefty put that option out to pasture however the indy is about 3 hrs away and does come in lefty. It look a bit to the wild side but hay, if it works success breeds acceptance.


    To meeting Toulon, I met him at the PGA show this year too and you are correct about the "IT". we talk design concepts and what he concentrates on when coming up with the new looks and names. Very cool and cemented my choice about the INDY.


    I had a Piretti in the bag and it is a very nice putter to be sure however the INDY in MR model has made more one putts in the latest outing than the piretti has since in the bag.


    I am happy with the putter

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  10. I have what I believe to be the first set of the Lefty RS-10.

    I put the Recoil tourspx in them and can say they are one of the best forged lefty irons you will come across.

    For me anyway. There are no edges on this model. rounded. leading edge, toe ,sole etc. with a slight offset for my mishits.

    the design is middle of the road to better playerish and when paired with the right shaft, in this case the recoil shaft, watch out.

    I also liked the clean look of the club.

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