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  1. Been using a somewhat unreliable Swami 5000 (sorry Swami) and I'm thinking a rangefinder would be really nice!
  2. Never a flat lie at Morgan Hill (except tee boxes)...it's my favorite course. If you have a high handicap, it might be intimidating. Lastly, if you have knee problems, bring some Advil. The back nine on Riverview is really fun and challenging. Green Pond is short yardage wise but they make up for it in pine trees. Architect is very nice but $$$$. Have fun!
  3. I appreciate all and every opinion. I just bought an arm lock putter after 60 years of golfing. I 3 putted 4-5 times yesterday with it as it takes time to get used to it. My point is that it is legal so you are free to join the club. I am going to get better and miss fewer 4’ putts with it.
  4. I can’t find a putter that I have any confidence in. I probably need to try all three. I lean toward the mallet.
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