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  1. Brand stamps play no difference if i play a ball or not. Especially since I mark up my balls in a very unique, some might say, crazy way.
  2. Been in Williamsburg two summers in a row in July. Heat was a factor, especially on the back 9 , even with an 8:30am tee time. Hopefully they have a cart girl on the course.
  3. Like all of the Bronx courses. Played with someone today who said that Marine Park is getting some upgrades and the course is looking better for it
  4. Switched out an old Cleveland 3W for the new Titleist TSi3 3W. Absolutely loving it so far. And once my Callaway Apex 21's show up they'll replace old Big Bertha irons. Also replacing the GW and SW with Vokey's
  5. Jealous. Ordered my Apex from Club Champion almost 9 weeks ago. Supposedly coming in this week. Hope the do. I've been champing at the bit waiting to give them a whirl in real life conditions.
  6. Ahh Warrior Golf. My FIL was a big fan. Ended up getting a full bag for pretty cheap. Ended up sending me some wedges, that were much heavier than what I was currently playing. If you just need a set, they aren't the worst way to go I guess
  7. Got fitted for game improvement irons back in the beginning of April. Ended up going with DCB. My 2nd best #'s were with the Ping G425's. Liked the feel of both of them, but performed better with the DCB's. Now if only Club Champion would make my order so I can try them out on the course.
  8. Was at a PGA Superstore two weeks getting fitted for woods. Asked the fitter what irons were popular this year. He said Titleist and Callaway, and that how Titleist is at least taking 8 -12 weeks
  9. Got lucky, Got on through a friend of a friend. Such a great course
  10. Favorite hole, probably the Thumbprint at Sleepy Hollow. Just an iconic hole. Hole I want to play, that's a toss up between any at Pebble, Pine Valley, Augusta and the Old Course
  11. Played there on my first golf trip ever. Ended our 4 day tourney there. As a pretty new golfer, the hole scared the crap out of me. Would love to play it again
  12. Gus - New City, NY Taylor Made Rossa Mallet Would like to test #3 Thanks
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