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  1. I had a similar experience in the one lesson I took last summer. The pro asked me to warm up with my 6 iron, then after 10 or so whacks had me aim at a pole in the middle of the range. You would have thought I never picked up a club before. Still not there with hitting to the target, but definitely something I know I should pick up again
  2. Narrator: He did play better at his home course, but not much better
  3. My home course for the last few years was the public Garrison Golf Club in Garrison, NY. But the guy who owned it, decided to close it up and donate the land to a Shakespeare Theater group. Can't say I don't chuckle when I see articles about him running into opposition to make it permanent. Now we play most of our golf out of the "semi-private" NY Country Club in Spring Valley, NY. Nice track with challenging holes. Only downside is the greens fees on weekends.
  4. Totally a crazy game. Played yesterday at a very hard course, was luck that I shot a 110. Hopefully i play better at my home course on Monday
  5. Before this year, I've broken 90 three times in my 20+ years of playing. Stuck in between 92 and 97 for the majority of the last 10+ years. Then 2 of my last 3 rounds I've shot an 89. Biggest reason I think is because I took my driver out of play. Not nearly as many pop ups or wayward shots, and for the most part my 3W goes far enough not to be a huge loss distance wise. Also I've been fortunate enough to cut back on 3 putts in those two rounds, while also playing smarter golf. Which we all know is easier said than done.
  6. Switched mine out for the first time in 15 years last year. Maybe I'll switch out more frequently going forward, but I'll use them until I don't like them anymore most likely
  7. My FIL used to get their clubs when they were Warrior. I still have a couple of their wedges. Was good for a beginner, don't think I would use them now. Sad to hear they've gone so downhill though
  8. I'm the same way, always try to grab a logo ball from all the courses I played. Fortunately have been able to get a ball at almost all the courses I've played except for a few. Like Rancho Park, where Arnold Palmer shot a 13 on the par 5 9th hole, they said they didn't have any. Played Ferry Point last fall, and they say they ran out. Thought about writing the course name on one of the balls I used during the round, but this sounds like a better idea. Not sure though I have the technical skills to pull it off. I also want to play a round in all 50. Right now I'm up to 15, try to knock off a new state at least every two years. Worst part is that there are 5 states where I probably could have snuck in a round and just didn't get it done.
  9. Played them a bunch over the past year. Not horrible. Like the performance of Bridgestone E12 Contact better, but the KV2 has been a solid play for half the price
  10. Searched and didn't see any posts for the Ocean Course at Atlantis Bahamas. Has anyone played it? It's more than I would want to pay to play, but on vacation so going to give it a shot. Any and all reviews are appreciated
  11. Had a Cleveland 3W for years that was just taking up space in my bag. Bought a new Titleist 3W this year and loved it when I first got it, fell out of love in the middle of the year, then back in love these last few rounds. It's kind of like my Driver in the love department
  12. My buddy used to light a joint halfway through our rounds. Personally I loved it because he usually started to play worse and I would win our match i don't get exercise from golf. I am on the course because I find the game to be fun. Walking is not fun in my opinion. I caddied in HS and College, where I walked the course, that was work. Now it's for fun and walking isn't fun.
  13. Jealous of you that say your top local round is under $75 on weekends. My cheapest local round, on a decent course, starts at $78 with cart. I can play a state course with cart for around $56, but the conditions deteriorate as the year goes on and decent chance of a 5 hour round on weekends as well. The other day played Ferry Point, the jewel of NYC's public courses. Cost over $200 for a weekday round with cart. Have to say with the cost and getting my butt handed to me by the setup, can't say it was enjoyable at all.
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