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  1. Searched and didn't see any posts for the Ocean Course at Atlantis Bahamas. Has anyone played it? It's more than I would want to pay to play, but on vacation so going to give it a shot. Any and all reviews are appreciated
  2. Had a Cleveland 3W for years that was just taking up space in my bag. Bought a new Titleist 3W this year and loved it when I first got it, fell out of love in the middle of the year, then back in love these last few rounds. It's kind of like my Driver in the love department
  3. My buddy used to light a joint halfway through our rounds. Personally I loved it because he usually started to play worse and I would win our match i don't get exercise from golf. I am on the course because I find the game to be fun. Walking is not fun in my opinion. I caddied in HS and College, where I walked the course, that was work. Now it's for fun and walking isn't fun.
  4. Jealous of you that say your top local round is under $75 on weekends. My cheapest local round, on a decent course, starts at $78 with cart. I can play a state course with cart for around $56, but the conditions deteriorate as the year goes on and decent chance of a 5 hour round on weekends as well. The other day played Ferry Point, the jewel of NYC's public courses. Cost over $200 for a weekday round with cart. Have to say with the cost and getting my butt handed to me by the setup, can't say it was enjoyable at all.
  5. Wish I had something like that by me. Because of life, need to play on weekends and tee off before 11am. Cheapest by me is $56 with cart, all the way up to $115. Nice job on the cheap 30 pack. I'm happy when I get a case of Ultra for $24.
  6. Thanks for responding. My usual max is around $150. One of the reasons why I haven't booked a trip to places like Pebble and Bandon. The greens fee for the course I mentioned is even more than Bandon at it's peak and around the same as Pebble.
  7. i have a chance to play an exclusive private course that has hosted multiple US Open's, all I have to do is pay the greens fee. Don't want to give the name because then people might know how much it costs. i will say it's located in the Northeast. Just curious what others would think is a fair price
  8. Where are you getting a $15 round of golf and a case of beer for so little?
  9. Have a more golf shirts than I can wear. Most of them were purchased for $30 or less. Right now I only buy new shirts if I'm on vacation or go to a nice club, which unfortunately always cost way more than $30 But besides clubs, I usually notice what apparel my playing partners are wearing. I think it's kind of hard not to
  10. Never walk. Was a caddy as teenager, I walked the course then because it was my job, Now if I am on the golf course it is to enjoy myself, not work. So no walking for me, unless I'm on a course that demands it, and in that case better be a top notch course
  11. I'm rocking with 4 wedges and it definitely has helped my game: 43, 48, 52 and 56 degree
  12. Use to carry a the same thing. Got me out of a lot of jams
  13. Since I don't play competitive golf, I have 17 clubs currently in my bag. D, 3W, 5W, 2-4 H, 4-9 irons, PW, AW, 52, 56 and P. Also since I play an array of courses all over the place I never know what I will need on any given day. On the rare occasion where I'm playing in a match and not playing Wolf, I'll take out my 3W, 3H, and 4I. But that is few and far between
  14. Play a rotation of 4 courses or so between 10 and 40 minutes away. We have a solid 4 ball for most weekends, every once in a while if someone can't make it we'll fill it in without any problems. Might join a semi-private club next year on a credit line membership since one of the 4 in our rota is closing. If you want to join a full time club around me you're paying no less than 13G's in membership fees plus the minimum dining charges per month. etc. Just can't see spending that kind of money
  15. Haha. Meant Willow Creek was on the bottom.
  16. Played 3 of these. Favorite in order - Lido, Harbor Links and at the very bottom Harbor Links. Just not a course I've ever scored well on. Hope to play the Bethpage complex one of these years, but going to LI is such a chore
  17. Like others have said it really is depends who fits you. I was fitted this spring based on ratings and recs at CC. Overall, the fitting was great, but getting the clubs took forever. The local PGA SS has great ratings for their fitters from outside sources. When I needed to get fitted for fairway woods in May, went to them and had a great experience. Research, research, research
  18. Went to CC for an iron fitting after a friend recommended them. Made an appointment before my season starts figuring I would have to play with my old sticks for maybe a round or two tops. My original appointment in March was canceled due to the fitter having a baby, next availability was a month later. Fitting went great, really enjoyed the experience and the choices. Had a little sticker shock when he showed me the invoice, but went with it since I tend to keep my irons for a long time. Was told that it would take 6 weeks to get them due to the pandemic, etc. I wasn't happy but figured it is what it is. On the 6 week mark, end of May, I call up and am routed to a corporate office voice mail. Left a message and receive an email the next day from the manager of the store I was fitted at that the grips aren't available until July. Decide on another set of grips and was told probably a week to a week and half more. Now I'm really not happy. Then at the 2 week mark, find out it's going to be another week. Mind you at this point, I'm over 25% into my season. Ends up taking 9 WEEKS to get my clubs. No apologies, no acknowledgement that it took an extra 3 weeks than promised. Next time I will go to the PGA Superstore near me that is always ranked as being one of the top fitters in the area by the magazines. Actually did that when I was fitted for a new 3W in early May.
  19. Only on par 3's. Only other time I don't use Driver is on tight holes or holes with trouble where I will probably play my 5W
  20. My new set I go with 4 wedges. 43, 48, 52 and 56 degrees. Use the 56 mostly for chip shots around the green, then the 52 when I need more run on a chip shot. Working out really well so far
  21. From my first set of irons through now my 4th set, I've never had the same brand throughout. Currently all of my woods are different brands from each other.
  22. We've been driving further away and paying more than usual to secure a 9:30 weekend tee time. Unfortunately the course is closing, even with a full tee sheet most weekends. This in turn is going to put a crunch on other local public courses. Thing is we really enjoy playing different courses throughout the year, but we're now thinking about getting a credit line membership at a local club in order to be able to play next year.
  23. A few near me didn't double but went up $20 or so. Add that up over a season and it gets up there. The problem is that they're still getting the $ because tee times are scarce.
  24. As a daily fee, public course golfer. I can't see greens fees coming down, at least not in the NY Metro area. Most courses are hard to get on before noon on a weekend if you're not the first ones to book when you're window opens - resident/non-resident/associate, etc. As for equipment, prices might stagnate for a bit if there is excess stock, but not to the point where we will see massive roll backs. With a rise to inflation promised to be on the horizon, new equipment prices will rise as well. And of course, all of the people who tried out golf because of the pandemic aren't going to stick with it, but many will.
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