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  1. Get yourself a Kangol and it'll be fashionable, circa 1987. I have now have 2 bucket hats. One cheap one from Walmart. Never was a fan since a friend of my stepson wore one, and we couldn't stand him. We realized it wasn't the hat's fault, and decided that it's good sun protection for my ears, and some of my neck. Now if you want to ask about a winter had in the dead of summer, that is somehow considered stylish, then I'll give a side eye.
  2. Signed up and ready to watch someone else dominate over me.
  3. I have 4, or 3 if you group Callaway and Odyssey together. At one point I had only 1 brand. Titleist from Driver through putter.
  4. Overthinking is a huge part of many games, myself included. I am a fan of listening to the Par Train. They talk a lot about the mental aspect, as I believe it's a big part of Evan's work background. I often start the day pretty quiet, and the noise gets louder. I think the majority of everyone's handicap could drop multiple shots (depending on current handicap) if we could all think less. I agree with a comment above. I've recently played with a 15 who thinks he can shoot at the flag stick every time. I'm about a 5 with 35 years golf experience and have found the more I play, the worse it gets.
  5. This past weekend, I worked on finding out where I was hitting my driver on the clubface, and to work on hitting the ball first on my irons. I worked on starting with a little more tilt at driver address. I have, for years, lined up off the toe on both irons and woods. Irons was to combat heel hits, while I don't know why on woods. I lined up both on the middle and made adjustments. Not shockingly, I hit more on the middle of the driver when lining up on the middle. Irons, were a different challenge. I do miss left, as well, and feel the club is slightly closed at impact. Since it didn't matter, I lined up on the middle, and did much better hitting it more in the middle of the clubface. A little low, but not on the heel. The majority were solid, but my misses were hitting the ground before the club by an inch or so. Will try to improve this coming weekend.
  6. I can't remember if I ever posted on this, but my favorite is pure leather wrap. Very expensive, but I had that on my college clubs. Always tacky, especially for a guy at the time that didn't wear gloves, and I have sweaty hands. When I got rid of those clubs, I pretty much anything that was full cord. I tried old Lamkin, but they felt like they melted in my hands years ago. Now, I'm not sure, but still miss my leather, but also unwilling to pay for them.
  7. 2021 was probably the most golf I played in almost 10 years. My handicap did go down to the low 4's but I feel I am, at times, far off from where I really can and should be. I have some good rounds and some terrible rounds. I'd be ok with a slightly higher handicap if I was more consistent. That's a total lie. I want it even lower. Moving to Pinehurst has been great, even if I didn't play any of the Pinehurst courses this year. A couple times at Country Club of North Carolina, some rounds at Whispering Pines, and Foxfire, and some rounds at Midland Country Club. I can't complain with a 10 play pass for only $99. Hopefully in 2022 I make some adjustments to my dated bag.
  8. I love the posts here. I've always been a spike guy, however my BIL picked me up for a round, and just wore his shoes without ever changing them. I'm very interested in the idea of spiked when wet, spikeless when dry. I never even considered that.
  9. I think I have a limit of $250, unless of course it was kicking into something to play Augusta or Pine Valley (which I know aren't options). I won't pay the $400+ to play number 2 here in Pinehurst, but would play $150 or so to play #1, 3, 5 etc or even drive up the road and pay the same $150 for Tobacco Road.
  10. I'm so far gone from the specs game. Still playing clubs fitted back in 1998. This is crazy to me, but makes sense
  11. I haven't been on a golf course in about 4 weeks now, and I hit balls for the first time in about 6 weeks yesterday. I struggle with 2 things. Pull hook misses, and hitting just before the ball on my irons. Yesterday, I focused on trying to hit the ball first. I had some really bad shots, and it gets frustrating. I placed a tee about 2 inches past my ball and made that my focus. It felt different, but when I hit it right, it really made a difference. i'm thinking of taking another 2-3 weeks off before playing a few late fall or early winter golf.
  12. I played 18 at Country Club of Whispering Pines in the saturday morning men's league. Started iffy, and was 3 over through 4. I started thinking I would be hitting it bad. Shot 85 there 3 weeks ago. Turned it around well. had back to back birdies, lipped out on a 3rd. had some good runs, and finished rough, but ended up with a 75. I feel I'm close. Handicap broke through the 5 barrier to a 4.8. Playing Country Club of North Carolina tomorrow. Not sure if it's our own balls or a scramble. Either way, looking forward to the day off.
  13. Played Foxfire Red Fox course this past saturday. Hit ball better than I had in a while. 78% of greens. Had several birdie putts, made 2. Also dropped a Triple, Double, bogey, and 13 Pars for a 75. helped our team win some cash. I enjoy playing the course. It's kind of wide, and fits my 250 yard drives perfectly. I played it well a couple weeks ago, and felt confident when i started. Also won 2 pins and our team won 3 skins. It was a fun day even though it was 95 degrees.
  14. I could go so many ways. A second putter for when my first stinks. Maybe putting my hybrid back in, or my 2 iron.
  15. What an absolute crapshow yesterday was. A course I shot 77 on last week, I shot 84 on yesterday. It was almost 100% due to driving. Putting wasn't great, but only one 3 putt. If I was trying to hook, it started right and kept going. If i wanted to slice, it started left and kept going (I'm left handed). It's made me want to take a few weeks off.
  16. Is it now on there? I have the GHIN app, but I don't seem to see any GPS
  17. For me, when my swing is really bad, I try to focus on other things that are going well, to help boost my confidence. Maybe my short game is well, and it helps keep my scores reasonable. I think someone above mentioned hitting the range and getting all the bad shots out. I agree. A pro once told me that sometimes it's good to just hit balls and not care where they go. If you've been playing a while, and not doing a swing overhaul, then it's likely just a hiccup that happens and it'll likely run its course
  18. as a kid I learned to chip with a 9 iron since it was the most lofted club I had. As I got older it became the 56/60. I was streaky. I wanted to get down to a PW or 52 for chipping, and I struggled. I follow Collin McCarthy, who gives some tips here and there. One thing he said was feet as close together as possible and weight 50/50. Just a smooth, almost putting stroke (as others above have mentioned) I thought he was nuts. While it may not work for all, it's been wonders for me in the past few weeks, especially using my 52 or PW.
  19. I try all putts inside 20 feet. Mainly because that's where my par scrambles end up. I also feel it's reasonable. I don't practice my putting at all, so it gets dicey at times when I have a misread
  20. a 1998 Titleist 962 2 Iron, followed closely by my 1999 DCI 990s 3-PW.
  21. This was a great article, and while I remember playing in high school with a kid who had some MacGregors, I never really knew any history. I'm not sure any current pro could get people to buy these again. It may be more of a nostalgic purchaser interested in these. Did the article say that the putter used in 1986 was their biggest seller? I'm not sure something that looks like that is where they would need to go, but maybe some other putter that tries to compete with some of the favorites in the market
  22. I think you said exactly what you are, and it isn't spoiled. You're appreciative of where you normally play. I grew up at a place that literally had sheep grazing during the evenings. Your description of needing a drill to get the tee in brings back memories, and I was never able to land the ball on the green without it bouncing off. I needed to bounce it on. It was a dream when I got to play courses that actually felt like golf courses.
  23. I was out watching the US Junior Amateur final on Saturday, and heard a guy complain he had to walk and how the Masters does it better. No kidding. He then said he could go to the Masters anytime he wanted. How do I get on THAT list?
  24. Knowing these young girls are maybe 18 or 19, I get sick to my stomach. My older daughter is 13, and her being 18-19 isn't far off. I can't imagine being gross to someone so young who is just trying to do her job.
  25. Final 18 of my vacation. Played Foxfire Grey course. Started swimmingly with a double. No penalty just batted around. This round was a clinic in getting up and down. I was 4 over after 3 but finished 6 over. The numbers are really crazy. I hit 5 greens and 6 fairways. I lost some trust in my swing and it showed. The fade was there but started off line so it made it hard and the pull hooks came back. I need to be more conscious when I’m on the tee
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