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  1. The putter I bought from my local shop was listed at $450 CAD (I’ll let you do the math lol). It’s a great putter if I’m being honest, just a real good kept secret. I’d give the number I listed a call or fire him an email. The only thing about this putter is the grip, pretty tough and there back is stitched which takes some getting used to (but looks really nice IMO, so it’s worth it)
  2. So I found a listed email (kengiannini@hotmail.com) and a phone number (817-304-4717) that you can contact him at. I sent him an email asking what he offers and he said to call him and we can talk about doing custom work. Seems to like doing it the old fashioned way, his website doesn’t work but he is for sure still making putters. I guess my local shop just orders a batch of customs from him to move.
  3. I saw something about him going out of business back in 2016, then him launching a line of custom, handmade putters back in 2018 with a commercial for them posted last year on YouTube. The local pro shop I go to has some in store and says they have a rep that gives them brand new so I’m not sure what to think.
  4. Can you buy these anywhere else? I found one at my local shop, couldn't tell if it was used or not. I tried to go on their website but it just led me to an inactive domain site. Really enjoyed the one I had my hands on, just can't find anything or anywhere to buy a new one.
  5. Logan Tatarin Vegreville AB, Canada Ping Sigma 2 Tyne(Stealth) I’d love the chance to test the No. 3, I love those putters at address.
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