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  1. Hello all, I posted this in another thread but just learned how to start my own topic and which forum to put it in, so I will ask again here and probably another few... I just saw a YouTube video yesterday showing that e6 Connect is planning what looks to be a SIGNIFICANT software update including tremendously improved graphics & I'd guess probably just a bit more improved course/turf/physics interactions. Here's my question: Does anyone know any more about the timing of the release and/or how to get involved in the public BETA? See video here: Thanks!
  2. I purchased a SkyTrak just over a year ago, and just bought the e6 Connect Software. Aside from the following video, does anyone have any information regarding the e6 Graphics update coming in 2023? Timing? How to get involved in the Public Beta? Any info much appreciated!
  3. Hi all--I've been searching for a couple hours now and can't seem to find anywhere the actual weight of the front round weight in the Sim 2 Max Driver head. I get writeup after writeup talking about the 24G in the back... I'm using a shaft that is 9 grams heavier than stock, and I want to bump that front weight up 2 grams
  4. I would say my current driver (M5 9* set to 8.25* with Ventus Blue 6 velocore) is the longest in terms of output vs input. I'm swinging 108-112ish on the course and regularly finding my ball 285-300 or so in dry conditions, 270-280 if wet. Back in 2011, I was using a Titleist 909 D2 with a Mitsubishi D+ 60 Blue (I think that's right), and was swinging faster and freer, regularly playing with 118-122 type speed, regularly carrying into the 295-305 territory and totaling around 310-320. i've always struggled with too much backspin with my driver, and I've never quite enjoyed the distance I think I'd have if I could figure that out. The M5 with the weights both fully forward combined with the low spinning ventus has helped. I took some lessons a few months back and quickly finding my speed again. I fully expect to get back into the "playable" speed range of 115-119ish soon! I've got a sim2 max 9* head coming from ebay that I'll pair with my velocore shaft, and try setting at 7.5* -- perhaps soon this will be my longest in terms of input/output AND actual distance! Here's to hoping!
  5. Adams Golf Tom Watson Lob Wedge, 60* with Adams Golf grip and Adams Performance Wedge Shaft Another of the clubs I found in the closet during a move. Shaft has a little bit of oxidation going on, but I took it out to the range and hit several balls and all shots felt perfectly solid, though the grip is no longer very "velvety". See from pics that face wear is minimal and grooves are pretty sharp. Looking to play around with the idea of adding a 60* to the bag? Cheap way to put a quality brand to the test. $15, BUYER PAYS SHIPPING. You can set it up and send me the label, or I will set it up and screenshot you the total. Paypal is preferred, but I can do Venmo.
  6. EDIT: Posted originally with wrong price, was thinking about the Tom Watson Wedge. Price is $25, Buyer pays shipping Used for a few seasons before upgrading to Mizuno MP T a few years ago (not a newer club, I know, but was in Mint condition and I'm a Mizuno Fan). Raw finish, see from the pictures very little groove wear. Moved recently and found this and two other clubs in a closet. $25, BUYER PAYS SHIPPING. You set up and pay for label, or I can do it and screenshot the total. Paypal Preferred, but I can do Venmo.
  7. INDIVIDUAL CLUB Mizuno MP 57 PW with Project X 5.0 Shaft and original Mizuno Golf Pride New Decade Multi-Compound grip Standard Moderate wear on plating on the "sweet spot", but grooves are still sharp and deep across the face. $40, BUYER PAYS SHIPPING, you set it up so you know what it costs, or I will set it up, screenshot it to you, and you pay total (Typically $11-$15) PayPal is preferred, although I can do Venmo
  8. Hi All, I have two questions I'd like to ask the community and see if I can get some semi-helpful feedback (I recognize answering these questions without ever seeing a swing can be iffy). 1) For my brother: He recently made the decision to upgrade his Driver to the new Titleist TS line, and purchased a TS2 preowned from a local golf retailer. He was told (I think wrongly--and possibly by as salesperson just desperate to make the sale) that the TS2 was the right driver for bringing ball flight down for someone who already hits a ball a bit too high. He is about 105-108 "playing swing speed" and hits a pretty straight ball, typical shape is a slight fade (or it possibly is just a small push) and his problem shot is a hook. He hits the ball higher than is ideal and backspin is about 3500 rpm. In relatively "supple conditions" (not too wet and not hard as concrete dry) he will only get about 10-15 yards of roll on about 260 carry. He has the 9.5* head set at 8.75* and has the Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue S 67g shaft. Can anyone weigh in on what model head is best for lower spin/launch but not a "Pro" or great player driver, and what loft/settings would be best with that head, and maybe what he can do in the interim to improve results with the TS2... 2) For myself: I have the TaylorMade M5 9*, set at 9* and have it paired with the Ventus Blue Stiff Velocore Shaft. I really like what the Velocore has done to tighten the dispersion I'm seeing with regard to both centerline and launch angle, although both could obviously get better . My typical shape is a slight draw, and my misses are a 15 yard block and an overcooked "quick" hook. My ball is slightly lower launching than his but the launch monitor at the store says my spin is also about 3500, and my roll is also less-than-ideal--about 15-20 yards with a typical carry of about 270. Can anyone weigh in on how I would best benefit from setting up my M5 with regard to loft and configuring the slide weights? I currently have one set just shy of "full fade" and the other about halfway between front and back. THANKS SO MUCH!
  9. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Started playing in 2009, best score ever is 73 with a double bogey on 17 . Regularly shot between 76-84 from 2010 thru mid 2011, then the wheels fell off. Currently getting my game back after having the wisdom to finally go see a bona fide golf coach for help. What do you love about golf? The Anticipation, excitement of hitting great shots. Every Par 3 is "Alright, let's get that first ever hole-in-one!" Beauty of God's creation and camaraderie with family and friends. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Equipment reviews, potential to be a tester, and community forums... Actually was looking for feedback on 2018 thru 2021 drivers to help me decide on what to upgrade to. Where are you from? What is your home course? Originally from Mandeville, LA but live in Lafayette, LA now. "Home Course" is really a few: The Wetlands in Lafayette, The Farm in Carencro, LA, Les Vieux Chenes in Lafayette, LA and soon (due to a move) Southern Oaks in Abbeville, LA. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best is that golf season is basically 12 months and typically meeting new golfing partners means meeting new friends. What do you do for a living? Sell Supplemental Health Insurance for Educators and State Workers. How’d you pick your user name? As a newly minted High School graduate, I visited my brother (9 years my senior) and several of his buddies in San Diego and they joked about having a bowel movement calling it "Dropping a Deuce", or being funny and making is sound French, Dropping Duble (or a double). Thought it was funny, claimed it as a unique online nickname, and it is now my email handle, gamertag, and username for pretty much everything online that I use for personal and work stuff. My mother-in-law wouldn't put it on my Yeti for the family trip though... LOL
  10. Jeremy Lafayette, Louisiana Current Putter: Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Black Rossie Jumbo Grip Right Hand I would like to test the Fang Mallet putter I’m a 7 handicap with a 2 handicap putting stroke
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