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  1. Sounds like a giant waste of time and money to me. In my experience range finders slow down pace of play for all types of players. I am a hacker. (16). For me and those like me the front, middle and back yardage on my GPS watch are plenty of information. And when In doubt, grab the extra club right? And I swear that none of the 3s 4s or 5s I have ever played with hit their numbers nearly often enough to justify the extra 90 seconds they would spend fiddling with one of these 18 to 24 times a round. Sewing clothing none of you really good players want to see me wait for the green to clear when I'm 230 yards out and none of us hacks want to see you fiddle throwing grass up in the air and trying to figure out the difference between two or three yards either you're not playing for money you don't need the numbers that accurate and you sure don't need temperatures and wind speeds and slopes and relative humidity and God knows what else. Play the freaking game
  2. James Collins, Lakewood Colorado carbon Ringo, no preference
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