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  1. As stated in title. Club is awesome I just went with a different configuration for yardage gapping purposes. As picture shows Aldila Rogue 95MSI 70-5.5-Stiff flex shaft. I’ve gamed it a few rounds since the pictures so maybe a few more brush marks on the sole but great condition, I keep head over on when not is use. Asking $150 obo I’ll try and get updated pics in this weekend. I’ve purchased on here before but never sold anything so bear with me but I’ll have to check the price on shipping. I will cover standard shipping conus but if need be we can talk about expedited shipping.
  2. Looking to replace my 5 iron with a 5 hybrid. I’m looking in the $200 or less range but could go a little higher for the right club. Looking for regular flex. I have Tensie orange shaft in my driver and really like it. Someone posted a nice Ping g410 about 2 months ago with a Tensie blue shaft that I just saw that looks perfect but I reached out and haven’t got an answer in a couple days so if anyone knows that guy let him know. Curious to see what else is out there though.
  3. Thanks for the input. I ended up finding a Tensei Orange 60 in regular flex on Facebook marketplace for a good price. Still testing it out. I plan on trying a few though. Should probably just bite the bullet and get fitted haha
  4. I currently game a Newport 2 Notchback and while I love the weight and look of the club at address, I feel like I roll the Bettinardi bb1f putter I had with the “flow neck” more consistently. My dad has a Scotty Cameron Santa Fe Two that has a similar style neck and I feel like I roll it very well too. I know Scotty makes the Newport 2.5 with that neck but I’ve been knocking around the idea of sending mine to someone and have a flow neck welded on to the Notchback head. My questions are... Should I take the easy way out and sell the notchback and buy a 2.5? Have any of you guys ever
  5. One more question for you. If the torque, the 3.4, on the shaft is how much bend it has in the downswing what purpose does the 110 and 60 value serve? For personal knowledge.
  6. Oh yea definitely an out to in struggle with the big stick. I actually play a bit of a draw with these new irons so I was hoping there would be a similar transition if I went down on the driver too but I knew it was much more complex than that. Maybe some more flex (or torque so it seems) will allow the club head to stay inside more until my hands clear out. Thank you for the feedback that was exactly the sort of info I was hoping to get in response. With a few recommendations to boot. It gives me a place to start and I truly appreciate it.
  7. With my old swing it was a medium flight and I would occasionally turn it over correctly with a draw and it would come out of the sky and roll a good ways. With the new swing it seems to float more and then more of a drop and stop. So higher flight which I’m not in love with I liked the medium flight a little better New swing almost always has a small cut shape when struck true and the big miss is a true slice that is nowhere near the killer slice I had with the old swing. I don’t know enough about the differences in shafts to say what I like/don’t like other than I don’t feel
  8. I’m a weekend warrior golfer and have been playing steel stiff shafted TM burner irons for forever. I recently switched to some Callaway rogue pro with recoil graphite regular flex shafts and it has thoroughly changed my golf game. When I was younger I just tried to kill the ball every swing and the resulting club head speed did better with the stiffness but I’ve decidedly slowed the swing in hopes of a more consistent result and the regular flex irons showed great improvement from it. For many reasons to long winded to go into I’m wondering if my driver should show the same benefits.
  9. Alex Thompson Jacksonville, FL I currently play a Scotty Cameron Newport notchback and occasionally roll a a Bettinardi bb1f. I really like the flow neck style of the bb1f so I think I would like the #2
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