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  1. Yes sir that’s a long time to be without the beloved haha Well that’s the same type of neck that’s on mine Rickk. In wanting it to look like the picture of the Circle T I posted.
  2. I have been rolling my notchback for some time and putt well with it by my standards. The somewhat different shape without being drastic like a mallet fits my eye well. However, I have been toying with the “flowneck” style blades and like it. The notchback has a double bend neck and I was pondering what kind of specialty place I would need to send it to for that kind of modification when I saw this picture of Michael Breed and his notchback. I noticed it’s a Circle T so the putter itself is probably outside my budget, but Knowing others with much greater access than I have had the same thoughts as me has me ready to give it a go even if it means sacrificing my favorite putter for a Frankenstein experiment. Does anyone know a reputable business in the southeast that would do this kind of work? The putter is in fantastic shape so I wouldn’t need a whole putter makeover. Just the welding per say.
  3. My brother in law has recently got into golf and is a relatively athletic person so he took to it pretty quick. He’s using borrowed clubs and is looking to get himself a set and we knocked around the idea of him just going to get fitted and get new clubs because he is the type of person who is going to keep this set for a long time. Might as well get new ones then. There are three options here in Jacksonville; PGA Tour superstore, Edwin Watts, and GolfTec. I was wondering if anyone had any insights as to which offers the best fitting deals/experience. Has anyone ever used these specific places in Jax or in their own town? Thanks!
  4. I see this is very old but I’m in Nassau county and I’m a nurse and also work weird night shift schedules. My wife works the first half of the week so when I’m off any of those days I have a free pass to go play. Let me know if this is still an active thing. I like to go play in Jax, Fernandina/yulee area and even up in kingsland there are some great value courses. I don’t keep any official handicap stuff but I’m a 90-100 player so no pressure to be any kind of good here
  5. Hey a good deal is a good deal. I just liked the larger head that went with it. There’s a lot of confidence putting a 3 Wood sized noggin down there and launching it that high in the air.
  6. Picked up a rogue heavenwood not to long ago and absolutely love the thing. My go to club when I want to put a safe one on down the lane. I know this doesn’t help in your search but I hope you find one and enjoy it.
  7. I’m not sure how you manage these posts but admins can close her down. The mentioned ping G410 guy got back with me and I made one of my most confidence building purchases ever. That thing is sweet. Thanks to all who reached out with possible options.
  8. Coming from someone on a breaking 90 crusade my biggest downfall is those blow up holes. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been right there and had I not got that one 7 or 8 I would have it. And they happen for a mix of reasons already covered here but mostly just not smart golf in general. And I feel this translates to any level of golf. The best advice I’ve heard is that scratch golfers don’t bird more holes than you they just bogey less. I obviously haven’t conquered them yet so I can’t tell you how I’ve fixed it but one thing I’ve done in my recent rounds is if I have that bone head shot that puts me in the trash or in a spot where I might start to loose a grip I make myself play a shot that gets me into the fairway and advances the ball even if it only advances it 20 yds. Things open back up and it’s less of a penalty than having to drop because I ricochet OB from a tree or top one into the water. I’m getting close though.
  9. This guy right here. I ended up going with the Mitsubishi as I said early and have loved it on the course. Went to a place in town that has indoor Trackman setups and the pro there was watching me hit and asked where I got fitted for the shaft because the numbers were so dialed in. I know I’ve already said it multiple times but thank you for the information again. I had no idea the “torque” stat existed and it was exactly the thing I was hung up on.
  10. I’m a Trauma Nurse at a Level One trauma center in Jacksonville, Florida. Lots of those stories I’ve been seeing people say they have though mine probably involve more blood and guts I like that I only have to work three days. Leaves lots of time for golf and hunting. What else would a man need. Maybe some time with my wife too… 29 years old.
  11. Man that does look like good work. Thanks for the info.
  12. Thanks for that info. I’ll have to try and look him up.
  13. As stated in title. Club is awesome I just went with a different configuration for yardage gapping purposes. As picture shows Aldila Rogue 95MSI 70-5.5-Stiff flex shaft. I’ve gamed it a few rounds since the pictures so maybe a few more brush marks on the sole but great condition, I keep head over on when not is use. Asking $100 obo I’ll try and get updated pics in this weekend. I’ve purchased on here before but never sold anything so bear with me but I’ll have to check the price on shipping. I will cover standard shipping conus but if need be we can talk about expedited shipping.
  14. Purchase made. Thanks MGS fam!
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