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  1. Agree, shaft minor affect and head major affect.
  2. Most stores like Golf Galaxy do refund the fitting cost if a club is purchased. You are paying for the time and expertise of the fitters. There are good qualified fitters in these stores. Do your research like you would with any other big purchase. Be honest most of the people getting fit in this environment are going to fit into the OEM’s offerings. If you are looking for the best fitting you would be doing it outdoors on real grass.
  3. I understand price increases, just tough to take when an order is being quoted at 16 weeks.
  4. Seeing a price increase on all ping product. What’s up?
  5. You are wrong about big box stores, some have very qualified fitters. Just do a little research and you can get a very good fitting.
  6. Taylormade Tour Response, really good ball for the price.
  7. Dean Jacobs, Phoenix, AZ currently using PING Redwood Anser would like to test Impact 2 wide.
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