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  1. I go between Pro V1x's and AVX's. I dont know why. Sometimes i was a solid ball, other times i want a soft ball. Cant determine when to play it, its just literally how i am feeling that day.
  2. Stretching your lower back, glutes, hip flexors, hamstrings, thighs and calves every day will help. Stretching once or twice daily will help with flexibility and loosen up all that muscle tension on you sciatic nerve. A foam roller is really helpful as well.
  3. PW: 46* - 120-130 GW: 51* - 105-120 SW: 56* - 30-105 (bunker club + partial shots) LW: 62* - Anything up to 75 (used for any lob or creative shots I may need around the green)
  4. Im always down for some fantasy! Will play anything and everything. Count me in if there is still room.
  5. Just pulled the trigger on a Blended Mizuno MP-20/MP-20 MMC iron set. All Steelfiber i95 shafts. MP-20: PW: 46* (STD) 9 Iron: 41* (1* strong) 8 Iron: 37* (1* strong) MP-20 MMC: 7 Iron: 33 * (1* weak) 6 Iron: 29* (1* weak) 5 Iron: 25* (STD) 4 Iron: 21* (1* strong) Now the long wait for them to be built and arrive. Heres hoping to a quick quick 6 weeks
  6. Hello all! I currently game Mizuno 919 Tours with Project X 6.0 steel shafts STD length. Ive been hitting my irons solid and I launch the ball fairly high even though Project X is stated to be a low launch shaft. Ive been wanting to gain more club head speed as well as save my joints some shock so I been researching alot into graphite shafts. Ive already switched my wedges to steelfiber shafts and i love the feel of them so i was wondering if i should reshaft the rest of my irons to steelfiber i95? I just dont know how this change from steel to graphite (120g to 95g) might change the launch of the ball since i95 is shown as a mid/high launch. Current swing weight with my Project X 6.0 is about a D2/D3. With steelfibers i believe i calculated that it would drop to somewhere around a C6/C7. Is there a noticeable difference in distance, smash factor, launch or speed when dropping 6 or 7 swing weights while using graphite? Also from general shaft fitting tables, it shows that i should be playing with shafts at -0.5" in length. If i move to graphite should i be playing -0.5" or still play STD length? Sorry for all the questions, Im just trying to learn as much as i can. Thanks everyone!
  7. Had a dreadful start with a double and a +5 . Shot a 49 front. Gained a little momentum on the back 9 paring 5 of the first 7. Just needed to par the 18th to break 90. Drive scooted right. Was placed about 20 yards behind a tree but about 180 out from the green. Lots of water between the tree thats in front of me and the green (Carry to the green would be approx 170). I had 2 options, 1) Hero play and try punch low under the tree while also carry the water to hit the green, or 2) Safe PW lay up hitting over the tree and further into the fairway. For the first time i played it safe with the PW.....shanked the hell out of my PW, ball soars into the water . Ended up double bogey for 91. Definitely questioning my decision after that one, hahaha. I guess the safe-SAFE play would have been to punch out 20-30 yards to the fairway??? haha oh well...thats GOLF
  8. I really love Swing U. Very simplistic design, great topviews of each hole and in my experience pretty accurate GPS. Im also the designated scorekeeper of my group so being able to add my buddies to my round and track everyone is so easy as well. I am now a premium user.
  9. I will definitely need to incorporate more detail oriented practice. Thanks for the tip! I will be more mindful of what i am doing with each swing.
  10. My driver is definitely the weakest part of my game, so I should really fix any swing issues first or get fit. Glad to hear that shaft flex isn't really correlated much to swing speed. I do feel more comfortable with a stiff flex vs reg flex and like you said its probably due to how i load and unload. I never had a proper lesson so I'm fairly sure I'm due for a fitting or more hours and hours of trial and error practices, hahaha.
  11. Hey everyone. Just for a bit of a reference, Im 37 and started golfing at 18. Played every other sport you can think off but only used to golf maybe once or twice a year. Just recently started golfing seriously a year ago and went from a 30hcp to a 17hcp (I contribute this to actually playing golf regularly now). Typically i Drive the ball anywhere from 240-290 and i would say an average for me is 260 (230 Carry). I recently got a launch monitor (Voice Caddie SC300i) and saw that my Driver swing speed is 89MPH. I was kind of surprised as i thought i was more on the 100-105 range of swing speed (Looking at generic swing speed/distance charts). Like everyone else, i would love more distance. I currently play a stiff shaft. Should i be working on gaining more club head speed? Should i be looking to play a regular flex shaft? Or should i just keep doing what I am doing? This is also making me question my irons as i also play a stiff shaft. But ill leave that to another topic as ive been hitting my irons pretty well. THANKS!
  12. Is there any differences if you cut a 35" putter to 34" vs just buying a 34" putter?
  13. I've ordered Pro V1X balls during their personalized buy 3 dozen get 1 free deal. Order went in 4/16 i called yesterday and they told me its planning to be shipped out 6/11. A nice long 2 month wait for golf balls
  14. I totally didn't even think about swing weight. I will definitely look to get fitted and see what length actually suits me. Thanks for the info.
  15. I just Googled what the general shaft length should be for a 5' 7" height person and it came up as 43.5". Does that mean the shaft it's self with the adapter is 43.5" or playing as length so the shaft would actually be 42.5"? Thanks all!
  16. Good to know. Thanks! Ive always just seen videos of people cutting off the old grips.
  17. I just bought the Arccos Smart Grips (MCC Plus4). But i just realized that when and if i change any club i would need to buy a new grip. Anyone have experience with moving these grips to other clubs? Or would you have to buy the individual grips each time? Thanks!
  18. I definitely always try to tweak something here an there with my swing. I never had an official lesson so everything i do is from reading or videos. My biggest problem is when i hit the ball solid i forget what i actually did with that swing..haha. Good to know that there is a noticeable line separating driver and iron swing. Something i will have to work on to get better. Thanks!
  19. Current objective is to be more consistent so yeah i guess more distance wouldn't help. Im glad u put it that way, with how golf is right now everything seems to be about distance distance distance. Once I think ive achieved some sort of consistency ill probably venture to swing changes. Thanks!
  20. I know the rule of thumb is to setup your driver swing so that you are hitting on the way up while your iron swing you are hitting slightly down. Im a pretty consistent iron hitter and my really main problem is my driver. Ive read alot of how-tos and watched a lot of videos all claiming to set up with a little spine tilt to ensure you are swinging up. My problem is when i set up like that i tend to be all over the place. Hooks, slices, etc. but when i do get ahold of one it feels pretty. If i set up like how i would strike an iron i am hitting consistently straight but just losing a little distance due to the swing path. Should i try to learn the driver set up or just keep my same swing for both irons and driver knowing that im at least straight. FYI play once a week but dont have time to go to the range so pretty much playing on the course is my "practice".
  21. Howzit MSGers! So happy to be able to join the community here to read and learn everything about golf. I grew up playing every sport I could think of (Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, etc.). With my friends and I getting a littler older now and not being able to recover as fast as we would like we all decided to pick up golf! Now we all wish we would have started golfing years ago!!! How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Just started playing golf regularly about 1 year ago. HCP 19, Normal score 90-95. What do you love about golf? I love how challenging golf is. No matter how much you play, there is always something to learn or improve on. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Since I recently started to take golf a bit more seriously, I've tried to research everything I could about golf. From swing mechanics, club/equipment reviews, tips and tricks etc., I've looked up so much information on the internet. With all my research I came across MyGolfSpy and I just love all the information and content here! Where are you from? What is your home course? Born and raised in Hawaii. Home course is which ever course has an available tee time What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best thing is the ability to golf all year. The worse thing is trying to find a tee time since courses are so crowded. What do you do for a living? I am a Mechanical Engineer. How’d you pick your user name? 'ChasenLogan'. My name is Chasen and I've recently become a father to my son Logan. Also it makes it sound like I'm Chasing my son Logan.
  22. Chasen Honolulu, Hawaii Evnroll ER2V (long plumber) Would love to test out the Impact 3 Thanks!
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