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  1. Good morning spies! Well the Spring Training game yesterday was fun, but dull. Cleveland just couldn't get the ball in the air. Both teams changed pitchers every inning so that was interesting. My friend from Ohio and his son were good with the game as both teams were from Ohio. The Reds pitchers were spot on, but the son works for the field where the Cleveland team plays... They handed out hats yesterday and my wife spotted a maybe 10 year old girl who was clearly going through cancer treatment. She and her family came through the gate after the hats were all gone so my wife offered her ours. The little girl's smile lit up the area as she accepted the hat. Pretty much made my wife's day. We saw her a while later hat securely placed on her nearly hairless pate. That was cool.
  2. I stay here all summer as well. If you head down the 10 to Whirlwind or on the east side of the 101 in Scottsdale and Talking Sticks let me know. Or if you feel like a good long drive there is We-Ko-Pa https://www.wekopacasinoresort.com/?utm_source=local-directories&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=travelclick-localconnect-featured. Played there last summer. Prices were okay and the course was good fun. Then there is Dinosaur and Sidewinder in Gold Canyon. https://www.gcgr.com/ kind of "Must Play" courses. Way tooooooo expensive for my blood this time of year. August, not so much.
  3. Good morning spies! My second day with old friends who don't golf. With temps now topping out in the 80 region I think I am going through withdrawals. We are going over to Goodyear to see the Guardians play the Reds today in a spring training game. @fixyurdivot do you ever take the short drive down to Palm Valley Golf Club off of Litchfield road in Goodyear? A nice 27 hole course that is challenging enough to keep things interesting, it is easy enough to make it fun, and with wide gently sloping fairways make it a nice walkable tract .
  4. I play all summer long in the afternoons. The costs are tiny compared to this time of year in Mesa and the courses are as you stated empty. Grab a cart, 2 gallons of water, a BIG hat and go. Great way to work on shots from x amount of yards from the green or work on a particularly nasty pin placement. I mean nobody is there so you can take as much time as you need. No golf for me for the next couple of days. An old friend from our military days some 45+ years ago is down with his son from Ohio for a spring training game (the sun ushers for the Guardians) and some warm air. I hope golf is planned for the weekend!
  5. Good morning spies! Off to picking in just a few minutes. The season is winding down to the end. So far we have picked close to 4 ton of citrus out of these yards. Not bad for a geriatric crew of about 20 people. We have 4 places left to pick and then we are done for this year. And, it has been a very tasty year. Tried something different in the round yesterday. Tried to play smart. Picking my spot to land with more clarity. Choosing to give up distance for accuracy is an odd concept to this grip it and rip it golfer. Worked out though. Posted 4s and 5s on 17 of 18 holes yesterday. 1 seven on a par 3. Hooked the ball into a tree that sent it out of bounds. One birdie on a par 5. Was a good day. Will have to try that again!
  6. Truer words have never been spoken. I had a good round today. One hole, a 170 yard to the pin par 3, I flushed right down the toilet. Hooked a seven iron drive, bounced it off the trunk of a tree, and right out of bounds. Laying three after the next tee shot just short of the green it took me four more disgusting strokes to get down. That was it. One birdie, pars, and bogies. Shot an 82 and my team was 1 stroke out of the money....the lip out birdie on 11 I am sure.... The finesse swing worked today. I need to get the other clock positions established. Then maybe, just maybe my short game will actually start to work.
  7. Out to the short game practice area again today. Working on the 9:00 position of the "Finesse shots". 20 balls with each of my longer wedges and the Garmin to measure the results. Very consistent with a dispersion that would fit into a 15 foot diameter circle, which is EXCELLENT!!!. Then went to the practice green and worked 10, 15, and 20 yards in to a very short pin location out of fairly long grass (+ 2 inches). I am really starting to get my semi flop shot down pat. The best was 18 out of 20 balls from 15 yards inside of 4 feet to the pin. The key to the end of my struggles around the green was moving the ball way forward, onto the toe of my left foot. It feels like that has taken wobble out of the bad shoulder, and anything I can do to eliminate wobble or stabilize that right shoulder is a boon to my game.
  8. Good morning spies! My short game was maddeningly sporadic yesterday and cost me strokes where I should have been looking at birdies. Didn't win any money in the game but I did claim a skin on a nice 10 foot side hill putt. No golf today, we are picking instead and the oranges just keep getting better as they get riper! Plus they are coming off of the trees easier. We don't need many, maybe a dozen to fill out the weeks worth of citrus. I I hope golf is part of your day!
  9. Congrats guys! I am interested, like many others, in the fitting process.
  10. Well today the round was...there. Drove the ball well, hit my full swing approach shots well, and putted very well. The problem is/was when I drive the ball well I end up on nearly all of the par 4s inside 100 yards. My full swing 58 degree lob wedge is good for 95 to 97 yards, when it finally hits the ground. Most of the time I expect to see it has ice on it from the altitude. Inside 95 yards I am pitching. Today, as my father used to so ineloquently put it, I couldn't hit a bull in the ass with a base fiddle! I have been working on re-learning the Dave Pelz finesse swing. Made good contact with the ball, but without a great deal of finesse. When I tell people I am hooking I WANT to be talking about fishing with my friend Red for sockeye salmon up at his place on the Kenai river in Alaska. Not watching my ball take a no crap left turn as it clears the sand traps on it way to dramatically missing the 17th green. Two of those hooks cost me 5 strokes on two of the par 5s. The non-finesse finesse swing cost me at least 3 strokes for being long on three other holes. Inside of 15 yards the short chips and floppy type shots were spot on so the practice is paying off...slowly. Anyway is was a fine warm day to be out walking the course. I didn't loose any balls, and I start it all over again on Wednesday.
  11. I knew the whole thing was stacked against me in the start, but I thought there would be a little wiggle room. I was told a half a yard is a half yard....
  12. Good morning spies! Mid 70's for the round this afternoon and nothing but sun all day! My trip to PXG yesterday was less than memorable. My fitter was lets say not very knowledgeable with his shafts and we wasted a lot of time putting stuff that did not and would not work in my hands. The final verdict? I did not win the 100 gift card. Their parameters were if they could beat my club in any way I don't win. Their driver beat mine by a whole three yards, the length of my golf cart. And, I was not impressed by the Black Ops drivers at all. They have, to me, a dead face that produces a flat clunky feel when the ball strikes it. We established early on, while I was in the parking lot stretching and swinging my Orange Whip, that an increase of say 4 yards is, with reference to actual driver distance, a negligible amount. He started to poo poo that until I pointed to the start of the back wheel well on my Colorado, and told him from there to the front of the truck. That is four yards. His response was "oh, well that is not much of an increase is it." I probably should have saved that conversation until after the fitting. I might have gotten a little better service. Ah well it was fun anyway.
  13. Went to PXG today and tried their Driver challenge. The kid rushed me through my driver and their new Black Ops only beat my driver in distance by 3 yards. Plus my old Sim2 Mad had a tighter dispersion. The whole thing was severely skewed toward PXG which was okay. What I wanted was to see if I liked the new Black Ops driver and the answer to that is no, I did not. The ball felt dead coming off the face. My swing speed averaged 89 mph with the PXG and my club. My efficiency with the Sim2 averaged 1.48 and the PXG was in the 1.4 to 1.43. It really wasn't much of a fitting. He put two shafts on the club and moved the weights around a few times. One shaft worked, well sort of. I really had to work to keep it consistent. The other shaft, I do not know the brand, was awful. After 5 or so strokes with it I handed it back. All in all it was an interesting test of the new Black Ops driver. And, I was not impressed.
  14. Good morning spies! Off to PXG this morning to try and take their 100 dollar gift card in the driver challenge. The deck is definitely stacked against me, but my Sim2 Max and I are old friends and we shall see what we can do. I think I will bring my Lag Shot driver instead and warm up with it. That really tunes my driver swing. It will be 75 this afternoon for short game practice over at the course. Ah spring!
  15. Good morning spies! Looks to be a beautiful day here in Mesa! The afternoon will probably be spent working on my short game. Changed it up a little yesterday with some very positive results. Tomorrow is the PXG challenge day in Mesa proper. Thirty minute fitting to see if they can tune in one of their new Black Ops drivers to out do your driver. If they cannot show appreciable results they give you a hundred dollar MasterCard gift card. Their drivers for this little show are 200 dollars off the regular price. The intriguing part is the challenge. My old Sim2 has won every one of these in the last 3 years. I hit it (relatively) better and straighter than any of the new drivers fitters have put in my hands. I just want to see if I can take their money Yeah I know they will tilt this to their advantage, but I also know I can walk out the door with my old driver and still hit it on every par 4 I face and be on the green in two with nothing bigger than a 7 iron. This is really just for fun!
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