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  1. LOL- Yes my friends said “ you have a putter problem”. I’m fortunate to have the means and our new home was ideal build a green here in AZ.  

    definitely more of a mallet guy - one blade to keep me honest on side by side comparisons. 

    the exception is my guest putters - Built these for $15 each from old stock.  That was after a couple dragged my perfect Scotty’s across the concrete. Problem solved 🤣


  2. Sounds Like a great test.  - I have several stroke labs steel/graphite , a bloodline carbon/graphite and numerous steel Scotty Phantoms 6/ 7/8 / 11 and a 12 and a Newport 2.5

    I think I might be in a great position to add valuable feedback as a putter nerd with a test track 

    please send mine with a nice Gravity Grip 😀




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