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  1. Pw is 46 and I play 50, 55, and 60. I play about 15 yard gaps between full wedge swings.
  2. I’m running with the 2021 prov1 i got 3 dozen with my name and custom number on them so I should be covered for a few seasons.... but I really wanna try the snell MTB black.
  3. If you don’t have any kind of starting point in mind you can buy a random assortment of balls off eBay for pretty cheap it won’t be brand new balls but for testing purposes it will give you several choices. Then shag the rest of them.
  4. I use tape if I have a blister or a cut that is catching to keep from tearing them back open and I take my glove off between swings and while chipping and putting.
  5. I use an sc300 at home into a net and take it to the range occasionally, it’s more about watching my swing speed at the range because range balls don’t give very true speed and carry numbers. Its a really handy tool to watch gapping and consistency. I do like to get on a higher grade monitor like trackman here and there to check attack angle and spin rates that mine doesn’t read. I don’t go hog wild on all the data points I have certain numbers I want to hit on certain metrics and that’s what I pay the most attention to.
  6. My oldest girl is 9 she goes with me almost everytime I play. I cut a 52 degree wedge down for my 2 year old and he hits the ball pretty good my middle kids could care less about golf lol
  7. Cobra f9 driver titliest ts3 3 wood, 20* hybrid, and u500 2 iron srixon z forged 4 and 6-pw cleveland zip core 50 and 55 which technically is still srixon taylormade high toe c grind 60 and spider x hydro blast putter titleist prov1
  8. I’m in the same boat I have 4 kids and a wife who is finishing her nursing degree that she quit in when our 1st was born. I only get to play once or twice a month. I have a hitting bay set up in my garage and I bought a sc300 launch monitor to keep my swing in check. The launch monitor makes practice a lot more fun and helps to work on dialing your yardages for those times you do get to play your not all over the place.
  9. Knowing what you are looking for is important but its also important if you don’t already know to study up on the meaning of the meterics being measured in a fitting. Knowing what attack angle, launch angle, spin rate, etc... mean will help you ask your fitter questions that can help your swing and get a much better fit for where your swing is at and where your trying to get it too.
  10. I read that in the reviews when I got mine so I went with the hydroblast it’s not as unique as I would like ( the lime green looks awesome) but it is holding up better.
  11. Yeah I tested the tsi3 and the weight all the way on the toe trying to make it more left to right but it felt really weird in the swing I’ve just come to the conclusion I have to buy higher loft and loft it down then aim up the right unless I need a 40 yard slice, cause that’s what my cut swing like to do!!
  12. For sure my cobra speed zone is at 8 but I played the 2016 m1 at 10.5 and the m3 at 9.5. I like open club faces I wear out the left side lol
  13. I think pxg are also and they give a veterans discount. Not sure how much that is though.
  14. I’m exact opposite I have my 9* turned down to 8*
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