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  1. Thank you very much. Attempted this morning nothing not a millimetre movement. This evening twisted a bit harder almost knocked myself with the head. Now its set and head comes off easily. Thanks for your advice it worked
  2. Needs a bolt cutter the way it feels. Had a few swings on normal setting lovely club to hit 7 hybrid. Problem is i have another hybrid Big Bertha 30 degree loft which atm i have on 32 both clubs are too close for me distance wise. If i can get BB to 31 and Ping to 35.5 it gets me closer to the green distance wise as irons are not my thing struggled with them for decades. Alos being left handed options are minimal in highest lofted hybrids.
  3. Tried that now does not even budge. Thanks for all the replies so quickly have reported it to the place i purchased it awaiting their reply.
  4. Yes that's the problem. All other clubs i have are easy to remove this one feels its welded on. Have a feeling its going for an exchange. I need to lift the clubhead to the max loft of 35.5 but its set on 34.
  5. When i remove the main screw from the bottom of the head that connect the shat and clubhead i can not get them to separate. All other hybrids i have used it comes off no effort. Am i missing something or is the club faulty and i need it exchanged only reveived it yesterday.
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