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  1. Unfortunately for PING they don't look good in photos - they come off as cheap and not up to the standards of one of the OG putter makers. The good news is that in person they look great. I bought my Tyne 4 sight unseen after reading a bunch of positive feedback and I absolutely love it. The insert feel is great, soft on short putts, more firm on longer ones, with a really pure roll. I feel like the whole thing is a seriously integrated package with the black chrome shaft and PP58 grip, which is one of my all time favorite grips and works so well with the heavy 365g head for an overall heavy package with a reasonable swingweight. I think once more people roll these they are going to become very, very popular.
  2. Steve Aguada, Puerto Rico Been doing things natural style with an old Titleist SC Standard bullseye! I'd like to test the fanged mallet #3
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