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  1. I have tried GolfShot on my Apple Watch (series 3 so its slow), along with a GHOST from Bushnell and a range finder. My Bushnell never stays charged, so unless I charge it on the way to play, its worthless. That being said, I rarely use the watch (lately been going completely with out it) and love the simplicity of Front, Center and Back of greens. I am not accurate enough to nail the pin, and if you know the pin placement you can make your club choice based on if its F, C or B. I also like the rangefinder for what others have said. Its light, batteries last forever, and gets you a real distan
  2. (Before I leave my comment here, when I click "join the discussion" on the linked page to comment, it keeps re-routing me to the top of the page, unable to comment....why?) (help) - Now, the good stuff. MGS is the best website, I read every article, stop my work to click the email links, even if it is about things I have no intention of activating (I walk and carry, yet I read reviews of push carts and cart bags) and I love that they are SO nerdy about the details. My OCD appreciates it, and my gear-headed brain loves it. Keep it up, thank you all for all of your time. Golf Balls and the Lab y
  3. Name: Seth Beiden Location: Santa Rosa, CA Current Putter: 8802 Which Impact model you want to test: Model 1
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