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  1. Thought I’d revive this thread after googling cracked vice golf balls. I have their latest 2020 version of the Pro’s. have been hitting them in my sim over winter along with a mix of other golf balls (pro v1, Kirkland, etc) so all balls getting equal duty. Only the vice pro’s have cracked on me... 3 times! While all the others the covers have worn down significantly but no cracks. 95% of shots with irons, a few with hybrids and next to none with driver. From my unscientific “tests” it appears there’s an issue with the vice balls.. I mean even the Kirklands are still going strong after an entire winter of hitting the same set of balls!! I did post on their Instagram account but no response. Not going to bother with following up with their customer service will just finish off my boxes and look for another value packed brand. Oh and my screen is a sawdust mesh. Super soft like punching into a pillow lol.
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