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  1. On 9/7/2021 at 5:45 PM, BIG STU said:

    Ok thread revival time--- I have not used my Motocaddy much lately--- It has been too hot and humid for me--- but it is supposed to be less humid latter part of the week.

    September 24th I am scheduled to play in a all Hickory event for charity at a local Par 3 course. The course is lighted and it is scheduled for night. Have already checked with the course and they said bring the Motocaddy. LOL it is going to be odd I am going to use the Motocaddy bag for the cooler to carry my stuff. It is going to look kinda broad spectrum wise. A few 90 year old clubs stuffed into a modern cart bag. The format called for them furnishing hickory clubs to play 6 holes. I talked to the event director and told him I would like to play the whole round with the Hickories. He loves it and said if I would do that then he would also. Told him I could not find any feathery or gutta balls to play but I will play balata. Looking forward to it

    Also saw a post from a Motocaddy user from across the big pond. He was on Persimmon Golf Society on FB. He was talking about Motocaddy had electric gloves that plugged into the USB port and they stayed warm. i am checking into that even though I think if it is cold enough for me to use gloves my back will not hold up but I was mainly curious

    I believe we just got them in!!  

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  2. 1 hour ago, BIG STU said:

    It is hot and humid here too but I used mine today with the old Burton mini staff bag out on the range. I did strap my soft side cooler on it with my ice packs. Got on the range and put my new giant umbrella in the stand. I wanted to work on my wedges some. I have been practicing my long and approach game a lot and my wedge game has suffered. But due to the use of the Motorcaddy I can keep my stuff in my larger bag. I was able to hit about 125 balls today in the heat with mostly my wedges. i had my phone out there too playing music no one else was there. I attribute the Motocaddy entirely for me being able to do this. I could carry my stuff and my water plus my chair and rest under the umbrella in the shade

    Absolutely love this @BIG STU!!!

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  3. On 6/14/2021 at 8:55 AM, ole gray said:

    Ok folks my review is up and done!  I will continue to monitor and answer any questions you have for as long as needed.  It has been a pleasure and  I am so thankful to MotoCaddy and MyGolfSpy for this opportunity!  Roger Teat who is heading up the US side  of MotoCaddy was solid gold l while assisting us through the process. I enjoyed my teammates comments throughout the conversations leading up to the reviews!

    Thank you Big Stu, Tpoole22, and golfish for sharing your stories and knowledge.




    Thanks @ole gray for the fantastic review!  It was great working with you guys and following along!!

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  4. 16 hours ago, TBT said:

    I’m going to end up having to get one of these things, had to play quite a bit of cart path only golf lately and an electric trolley would make that easier, plus the Doc says I need to start walking more.

    I have looked at these and a few other brands…wish there was somewhere local to see them in person. @Motocaddydo you ever sell refurbished units?

    Hi TBT, I'm sure we will in the future, but new enough to the US that we don't have any refurbished at this point

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  5. 11 hours ago, TomUK said:

    About 8 rounds done now with new cart and it's still stopping randomly. So I guess its going back again. Right after this coming weekend and its golf trip away. 😁


    I don't know what else I can do apart from keep sending them back. The retailer is not interested since I've had a replacement from Motocaddy. I've tried a Stewart and it's much, much worse than the Motocaddy. I like the trolley - I just can't accept that it has this fault for the price.


    Carrying is not an option, and I've spent well over 100 on trolley rentals since this has been in for inspection.



    Sorry to hear this Tom!  Are you currently in the UK or the US?  If US, please call us at 800-668-2162

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  6. 13 hours ago, golfish! said:

    So an update today. I noticed that the glass screen protector on the GPS screen was chipped on the top edge. Would take pictures but maybe it was foreshadowing because I dropped my phone onto the edge of the toilet earlier and it cracked my screen and now half of it is unresponsive. It did go in but luckily it wasn't in use at the time... @Motocaddy do you know if we are able to order replacement screen protectors? Not sure how this happened but I imagine it will happen with a lot of users as the cart is being loaded/unloaded and maybe from banging clubs etc. And no I did not drop it on the edge of my toilet...

    No problem, we'll send you another

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  7. On 5/30/2021 at 3:41 AM, BIG STU said:

    Do not know what happened above. Dreaded double post.

    Next is sorta embarrassing. Somehow I managed to turn the Motocaddy over and not sure how. Had did a big range session and had my Titleist Mini Staff bag on it with my 690 MBs in it. Did a extended range session for me. Went to the clubhouse to use the facilities. I did take the remote in with me. I do not honestly remember locking it. Came back out and found the Motocaddy turned over wheels sideways running. All the old fart Mens groups sitting at the tables laughing. They said it just started and ran jumped the curb and turned over. I do not know if I hit the go button on the remote or one of them messed with it. I righted it and no damage. I ended going back to the range no problem. Usually I hang the remote on the umbrella slot and lock it. What I do now is reach down and un hook the battery. If those old farts attempts to mess with it they do not have the sense of effort to plug it in. But then again the test goes on it is tough. So we know now it will survive a flip. LOL one of my old racing buddies will say " if it can be turned over Stu can do it" Yeah I turned a car over one night on the straightaway running by myself. That had an explanation I was setting the springs to get into the next turn and the RR tire blew and the rim bit into the dirt. The Motocaddy turn over had one of two reasons and so I eliminated both possibilities. Nothing in the design just human interference. And trust me if I have have heard the story one time I have heard it 50 times about the self propelled carts running in the lake somewhere. I told one of the old farts the other day that you must have been one of the 50 people around here standing around watching  that.  The story starts the same way always " When I was up North I saw" 

    Yikes!  We'll have to work w/ the engineers on a future "Big Stu Mode"!

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  8. 2 hours ago, golfish! said:

    Hmm would be interesting to see how that works with the remote. With my M5 since I need to be behind the cart for the most part I assume if I were using an umbrella for shade I would be under it most of the time. With the M7 remote, how far away is the cart from you normally during a round? I guess you can adjust the speed to stay under the umbrella as you walk?

    You can also use "manual" mode with the M7, if you want to stay with it.  You can operate the same as you do the M5 with the dial on the handle.

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  9. On 5/26/2021 at 2:58 AM, Bubbly Pop said:

    I had been researching electric push carts for about the past year (i.e. trolley's) because I like to walk when playing, but a hip issue is aggravated when I have to push my cart 18 holes (yeah, I'm getting older).  In early April I decided to purchase the Motocaddy 7 (it came from the UK) and I received it a couple of weeks ago.  Very sleek and compact unit, seemed easy to use.  I read all the instructions, charged the battery and remote overnight, and it worked well in my backyard when I tested it out before going to the course.  First round with it, six holes in, it stopped running and wouldn't respond to the remote.  Took it home, tried recharging everything, plugged it in, nothing, no power to the cart even though the battery and remote reflects they are fully charged.  Contacted Motocaddy via their site and received a "we are real busy and will get to you when we can".  A week later still nothing.  At this point I feel a little like I may have purchased a $1,500 non-motorized push cart.  Until these are readily available via a U.S. distributor I wouldn't bother investing in one.            

    Sorry to hear about your issue!  Please shoot us a note at sales@motocaddy.us, not sure if you tried to contact us or the UK team but we will help right away!  We are fully set up in the US, and ship out of Carlsbad, CA.

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  10. 5 hours ago, golfish! said:

    Finally walked my home course, Los Serranos Country Club in Chino Hills, CA. I shared some google maps images of this course but there are some holes here with big elevation changes. First up, a video of the first hole on the North course which is a par 5 with a long uphill to the green.

    What goes up must come down yes? So here is the DHC in full effect on hole 5 a downhill par 4.

    Google streetview picture from the right side of the fairway of that hole at the bottom of the slope.


    And just for more validation, this is after the tee shot on hole number 12. A downhill then uphill par 4 dogleg left that plays 295 from the blue tees in a straight line from tee to green. Just a little brag here but hit a perfect draw around the corner that put me 70 yards uphill to the flag. Of course I chunk the approach but manage to get on in 3 and 2 putt for bogey.


    Google Earth image from the teebox of hole 12.


    Finally the video going down the path after the tee shot.

    Great picture from the teebox of the 13th hole. Probably the highest point on the course which plays as a dogleg right 450 yards downhill from tee to green. No video here as it got a bit backed up and the cart path zig zags down the hill and I had to go full sprint once I hit the bottom so I could catch up with my buddy. Hit a great drive to cut the corner but got caught on the hillside and made a bad decision to try to go over a tree in my way!




    Never walked this course before but with the additional rounds I have been walking I felt confident I could walk it. I was definitely a bit sore the next day but I would walk this course all the time with the Motocaddy even when it gets hotter. Luckily the weather that day was nice (mid 70's with a light breeze). Not only does having the Motocaddy make walking easier especially on this hilly course, the cart helps to carry my 4 liters of water with no effort so I can actually stay hydrated. Am I walking more rounds because of the Motocaddy? ABSOLUTELY. 

    Love this! That is definitely the goal, get more golfers walking and actually enjoying it!!

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  11. 19 hours ago, BIG STU said:

    Yep it does have a great power to weight ratio. Now I learned something yesterday. I had gotten in a hurry ( Lord only knows why after all I am retired) and had installed the accessory pack. I had the bag loaded pretty good. I did not click the bag in properly which was entirely my fault. Also had an umbrella installed and open. I started up the little hill by the range and hit another speed. It jerked and the bag shifted up and on the wheel it went hard!!  It held fine and I realized my mistake and properly locked in the bag. Also learned something yesterday. If you have an Umbrella up and get a bit of speed the Caddy will wobble and on the remote you have to make corrections. It would be more stable there if you are on what I call manual with hands on the steering so to speak. 

    Answered another question for myself yesterday---- With the accessory pack installed the Motocaddy stores just as nice as without it. Like the accessory pack. Everything worked great for me. Even though I did not play the scorecard holder came in very handy. I was doing an evaluation on some clubs I had built and for me I have to tinker and adjust. I take notes but anyhow the scorecard holder worked great with some file cards I had. Really worked good could stand under the shade of my umbrella drink cold water conviently located and use the little writing platform. 

    Love it Stu!

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  12. On 5/6/2021 at 4:39 AM, EasyPutter said:

    It is great to see Motocaddy commenting on these posts, seeing interaction with the company while our testing is going on really does speak to an involved approach where results do matter.  Didn't really happen with the product I tested and it is building confidence in the product and company.

    The only thing that seems to be missing that I use regularly on my push cart is a loop or a ring, something that a D-ring can be clipped onto to hold keys or clip on a brush or a towel and such.  I golf with nothing in my pockets besides an ID card, an extra ball, tee and divot tool.  Everything else goes in the golf bag or hangs on the bag and push cart.

    Cup holders really need to be bigger than standard as even some regular size aluminum cans are a force fit into a regular can holder (they are perfect size for slim cans I never buy) and big enough for insulated 20oz mug would be exactly right, I don't think anyone will ever make one for a travel coffee mug so it doesn't turn over and spill out the contents.

    Thanks for the feedback! The XL cup holders just came in, we’ll be getting those out to the testers next week!

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  13. 1 hour ago, BIG STU said:

    Well I took on this test because MGS and Motocaddy had faith in me. I really appreciate the chance to try this out. Everyone knows I tried this along with my rehab. Well it is working. I have been going out to the range almost everyday. I noticed yesterday that I thought the caddy was slow and thought ????. Then I realized I had sped up nothing wrong with the caddy. So now normal walking I am on position 3.  Our course was technically closed today for aeration but I went out and hit balls. Noticed I was not as tired as usual. Did do an stability experiment=== We have lots of tree roots here. I ran it through a root laden area. Ran it on 2nd speed and it rocked and rolled some but never even tried to turn over. Really it is very well balanced and I had it loaded with 16 clubs and my orange whip. Hopefully in a month or so I can do one of my 5 hole rounds again. But I will say the Motocaddy has helped me with my rehab so far. Did not do any enterainment today but worked on some moves with it. Would hit balls and decide to change clubs and I would roll it up to me exchange clubs and back it back into position. 

    This is awesome! Love it Stu!!

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  14. 5 hours ago, BIG STU said:

    No trust me it will not slow you down. That thing will run faster than you can keep up with it. I will add they are highly manunaverable. Was messing around with mine out at the course yesterday and I have some moves with it. Was messing around on the range. One of my buds 2 sections down wanted to hit my hybrid. I told him stay where you are at. I was sitting down and ran the whole shootout over to him and told him wait and then I spun it around so he could select a club Then backed it up like a real caddy. When he finished I pulled it up got the club and moved it back to me.  Had some of the older guys clap. Was in the clubhouse and had it sitting by the putting green in full view. Where I was sitting it had enough power to shoot throgh the window .  I messed with that thing for a few minutes making it go back and forth.  Then went on the patio. Someone would get near it I would make it move. Yep I was having fun with that thing yesterday. Drew quite a few questions. But I do not see any of those that asked buying one because they do not walk. Those guys do know I was walking like 5 holes before I got hurt. I told them this was part of my rehab. 

    Love this!!  You're a pro already!

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  15. 4 minutes ago, cksurfdude said:

    Love it! But if I could quickly butt in here...

    As an fyi, I had been using a stand bag on my push cart .. each of which has "Top Lok" technology so they fit together securely, no need for straps .. then when I got an MGI Zip Navigator I quickly found that the stand bag absolutely does not work on it - cart bag required...

    Don't know about the Moto but curious to see what you find out!

    Common problem with stand bags and push carts / electric caddies.  Most stand bags on the market have the stand mechanism at the top of the bag outside of the bag frame.  Our bags are specifically designed for push carts / electric caddies (not just for ours carts, but any) in that every feature is designed for best pocket placement, bag top configuration, etc.  Our Hydroflex bags have the stand built on the inside of the bag structure rather than the outside, so there is no protrusion resting against the cart causing instability in the fit.

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  16. 2 hours ago, golfish! said:


    Rick Shiels is sponsored by Motocaddy in the UK. @Motocaddy Prez any hopes for a collabo with Rick here in the US someday? I watched a lot of his instruction videos early on in my golf improvement journey but now I just watch his videos because they are entertaining! Would be cool to meet him.

    I hope so!  We are a title sponsor of his podcast, it is really good for those that haven't tuned in!

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